Sunday, 2 March 2014

Santa Rosa Beach FL (Day 3)

Late post from Saturday, March 1st

We were happy to learn, this morning, that we did NOT have to leave this campground and go down the road 20 miles to Henderson Beach State Park. The very nice ranger found us a spot here. We just had to move campsites, from #23 to #3. We are VERY lucky to get to have #3 for Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, we move down to #17 until Friday morning. Halleluiah!!!
So, instead of all the hassle of moving, we got to enjoy our afternoon on the beach, after I had done my blog post. It is a beautiful beach too. We were, once again, treated to a small dolphin show. So nice of them to show up again!!
Just one little thing, we would really, really like to thank Paige at Bad Ass Coffee Shop in Grayton Beach for making us feel welcome everyday when we come in. You are the greatest!!!




Nice clear and slightly warmish water....
That was not a hard way to spend the afternoon. We are still feeling like we are pretty “pale” and Doug has mentioned that if he doesn’t get some tan on him, he is hitting the tanning bed when we return to Nanaimo!!  We spent the rest of the afternoon, sitting in front of our campsite #3 and greeting everyone as they walked by…..
Self-appointed greeting committee....

Party lights are on.....


Yummy bbq pork, salad and rice.....
Pretty much it for us. Hope everyone had a great Saturday and that the weather has started to get a  it better!! There was one crib tournament that Doug won, however, not before I had a 24 count hand!! Still didn’t help me win though. Time to break out that Scrabble board again!!

 Always on our minds......
Thought for the Day: One of the best feelings in the world is when you hug someone you love and they hug you back even tighter...


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it was, but he has since beat me at two more tournaments. With that and his total Scrabble wins, I am going to have to find another game!!!

  2. 15-2 15-4 15-6 etc...
    A nice day at the beach for you two! Here in Langley BC it's snowing again!

  3. Another wonderful day in the lives of Doug and Nancy. Great photos and sand messages. Enjoy - don't get burned in all that beautiful sunshine.

    1. Pretty hard to get burned when the sun is only out for an hour or so but we still take advantage of it!!

  4. Finally some nice weather for you. Lucky you, it will be summer when you get home, we are not looking forward to the winter clothing in a few weeks. Not complaining though. L. U

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