Saturday, 1 March 2014

Santa Rosa Beach FL (Day 2)

Late post from Friday, Feb 28th

Today is actually March 1st so we have a few important birthdays to acknowledge.
First of all, our son-in-law, Shawn O’Connor. We wish you a VERY Happy Birthday today. We hope you and Teagan have a great dinner and a great evening. We are very proud of you. You are an amazing tattooist, artist and general cat-wrangler. We love you! We can hardly wait to visit you guys in your new hometown of Nelson, BC with your new shop!!!


Next birthday today is for our very dear friend and long-time drinking companion, Bruce Ewing (aka Father Ewing, Abuelo Ewing) You have been a great friend to us both and we wish you much drinking happiness today and all year long. We look forward to drinking with you seeing you when we get back!

Now, on to what happened yesterday (Friday). We woke up to glorious blue skies this morning. Florida has also had it’s share of cold troubles and this morning looked to be no exception. Now, for us “northerners” it isn’t bad but down here 3.5 C (37F) is a bit unacceptable for the locals and they are pretty bundled up. It was, no doubt, chilly with the wind off the water but this is a great spot and we love it here so we didn’t mind! We sat outside in the sun and had our coffee and weren’t in too much of a hurry to do anything….and we had a little visitor!!
Such nice spots - like our Provincial sites...
...and most sites come with a free visitor!
We rode the bikes down to the beach. You have to ride past a little lake and then over a small bridge. It isn’t too far from the campsite. Were we in for a surprise when we saw the other side of the dunes!!

You cannot go on the dunes, which we appreciate. They are trying to preserve the natural state of the dunes and if everyone walked and trampled all over them there wouldn’t be much to preserve, would there?


Love these types of areas. Once we walked down to the beach, we saw a few dolphins just swimming by, like scouts.  Guess we don’t have to spend money on a “dolphin tour” now, right? Not that we would anyway. Nice to just see them off the shore like that. Cool thing was that they were pretty close too!  
They were there, just in the first dark part of the water.....
There were miles of white beaches and beautiful water (like we saw in Aruba). The water was warmer than we have at home but not that warm that I would have wanted to go in it. There was a yellow flag out which means it is a medium risk. If there is any word with the word “risk” following it I am not going in, unless it is NO risk!!
No risk here!!!
 These guys didn't mind any risk!!
We headed back to the ranger station to see if any campsites here had been made available on Saturday. None so far but we are hopeful so we will check again on Saturday. Time will tell. Nonetheless, we will still be back here on Sunday, until Friday the 7th. Looking forward to a nice long stretch here. After that visit with the rangers, we rode into the little “hamlet” of Grayton Beach. There are some neat shops and services, spanning about ¼ mile of the highway outside the park gates. It only took about 10 minutes to ride there from the campsite. We ended up in the Bad Ass CafĂ© for their internet and I am sure that is where you will find us most days doing our posting and surfing in the afternoons.
That was it. Doug wrestled up some nice smokies on the grill and we finished up the day quite peacefully. Thanks again for checking in with us. I know this posting the day after gets some getting used to, especially after years of mostly posting the events on the same day. We will switch back as soon as we can. Until then…….

Each campsite has a little path, like the one above, that
goes to the washroom building that is situated in the middle.... 
Thought for the Day: Life is better when you are laughing.

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  1. Hi Nancy and Doug:
    Wow, I'm envious of you Florida residents - well, for today anyway. I love this post and the photos are, as usual, fantastic. How old is Shawn? Wish him a HB from a CA gal!
    I'm in Marfa, TX - which is western high desert about 75 miles (?) south of I-10. I'd seen a "60 Minutes" spot on this unusual town (pop 1,910) about a year ago on CBS. I wanted to visit when Renate and I were heading home from Mexico, but we just ran out of time so skipped it. I'll write a post with photos tonight.
    Well, this flu is still with me - at least the cough and loss of energy. Today makes it three weeks. I'm in the RV right now taking a break before heading out for more Marfa adventures. Tomorrow I'll head to the McDonald Observatory.
    Keep on keeping' on and having so much fun. Love you guys!