Saturday, 29 March 2014

Miami FL to Fort Lauderdale FL (25 Miles)

Officially, this post will be from Friday March 28th but today is actually March 29th. That means we have a VERY important birthday.

Happy Birthday to our wonderful son and friend, Josh. I will probably embarrass him here, but, as his Mom, I don’t really care!! We love him more than he can imagine and we are prouder of him than he can imagine. We have watched him become an amazing husband to Kathy and an amazing dad to Gus. We can’t say enough great things about you!! Mostly though, we value your friendship…..Thanks for all your support with all the craziness that we call our life now. We couldn’t enjoy it as much if we didn’t have that. We love you!!

Of course, we are JUST kidding about the car,
but if we could, we would!!
Hope you like your gift…..(kidding…..but wish we could!!)
We left Miami Everglades RV Resort this morning. Doug had arranged for Euri to have an oil change at a VW dealership in Miami so it tied in nicely with our Miami Beach stroll day. Only took about 1 hr. He had seen a coupon on the internet for this particular dealership for $61 for complete Lube, Oil & Filter, instead of their usual $90. Great savings! After this, it was off to find Miami Beach.
Wow, we will mostly let the pictures do the talking. It is a very interesting place. Full of extremes, it is a melting pot of music, cars, people, fashion and food. Such passion, such history in this place. Come on along…..


Parallel parking for cruise ships!!

Right across from the fancy restaurants is this big park area and
then the beach is on the other side of it. Doug scored us
a perfect parking spot right about here 



It seems if you have an antique car.....

....or a really expensive one, you can park right in front of
the restaurants....we wanted to park Euri there too!!

Sign outside the public bathroom. "Showering in the sinks"??
 Miles of just this!!

Somebody stop him...he's headed for the water!!!!


Can you believe the colours???


They have these nice play areas for the kids that are not near the water.
Knowing Miami Beach vendors, there is a charge to use this "equipment"
We just loved the old architecture!!

The illy truck was giving out free drinks
"free" on Miami Beach???!!!

We mostly enjoyed our time walking on the beach and the boardwalks (as always) and we certainly enjoyed the hub-bub (for a bit) of the streets. Soon though, it was time to find our way to the back neighbourhoods and a quiet walk around there.
Lots of canals running in this area. Doug laughed because I sort of
crawled behind the bus stop to get this picture. He says I
made it look "way" better than it actually was!! Up and over the foot bridge.....
Can you see the 4 iguanas just off the foot bridge??
Peaceful and quiet back here, just 2 blocks off the main drag,
which is Collins Avenue (or Hwy A1A)

Lots of gated homes, but not all of them
were fancy, just the fencing around them!!

I want this one!!
Soon it was time to wander back and have lunch, then get on our way!! They have a nice walking mall area (Washington Street, I think). mostly restaurants and shops but not high priced (as much) as the main drag. That main drag is an area of "see and bee seen".


Walking back to our faithful steed.....

Right across from the Penguin Hotel....

Pretty much anything goes....

Miles of this as well....



Such neat hotels/condos...
Took us about 1.5 hours to get here, just because we chose the "crawl" along the beach drive. We enjoyed it. Tonight we are at Easterlin County Park in Broward County, just north of Fort Lauderdale. Super pretty spot as you can see.
One tiny problem. It is situated smack next to the VERY busy interstate, but you cannot see it at all. Also, a very busy railroad track and their rapid transit train as well.. In fact, the train sounds like it is coming INTO the campground. We had read a campground review about this so we were not surprised. Still, even those reviewing campers gave it great marks and said they would return. That is one thing we always look for….will people return? They said yes so we figured that for 2 nights it would be alright. We believe what happened is that this is an old park and the city grew up and squeezed into what was probably, once, a quiet country area. Anyway, everyone seems really nice. Good spots. We are situated right across from the bathroom (yee haw…I know!! I am at that point in the trip where, sometimes, this REALLY matters to me!) There are some walking trails so we will give those a try tomorrow. We are only here for two nights total.

Here we are in B-10



There is only internet at the park office. I did not post last night as I did not feel like sharing my time with the bugs in the dark. We are just starting to heal up from our 50-60 bites from the Keys so I wasn’t anxious to get more!!
As I said, next stop is the state park. The Florida State Parks pretty much always have wifi at the concession stands at their beaches. It is a requirement of the vendors that they provide it. We will see how the next campground does. After Jonathan Dickenson SP, it is off to Tomoka State Park for 3 nights. That brings us up to the morning of April 5th when we EXIT this fine state and move along into Georgia and head towards…..MEMPHIS!!!! We are doing a diversion into Tennessee so we can see Memphis, Nashville and a few other sites. Then we are coming back out to the coast at about Wilmington. Then we will continue on northward up the coast. We are afraid that our difficulty-gotten tans will start to fade about then. They have been a long time coming but that’s okay. Music city awaits!!!
Thought for the Day: Never pull tomorrow’s clouds over today’s sunshine.

Provided by Kevin & Ruth – Thanks guys!!


  1. Looks like Miami beach is a hoot! Nice pictures love the art deco.

    1. Thanks Peter. It really was pretty and cool to see, but a bit too much for us!! We agree on the buildings though!

  2. You 're making us jealous because the day we went looking for Miami Beach we ended up at the cruise terminals thanks to our GPS. Of course our truck isn't the easiest to drive in the chaotic traffic so we headed back to camp.
    Right now we are rocking and rolling inside the trailer from the wind and looking at your route you'll be leaving Florida after us.
    Keep Enjoying your adventure and be Safe.

    It's about time.

  3. We drove Sherman down to Miami Beach once. We took up two parking spots at metered parking, and put money in them both. A cop came by and told us to move on saying very firmly that "Miami Beach does not cater to RV's!"

    1. Well, that wasn't very nice, was it. Seems like if you had already paid for the spot you should be allowed to stay as there were NO signs stating otherwise. It is WAY too high end of an area for us but at least we can say we went...once!!