Thursday, 6 March 2014

Santa Rosa Beach FL (Day 7)

Late post from Wednesday, March 5th:

First, just to show you our rather "cramped" living room space here is Doug having a catnap the other rainy afternoon:

Good thing he is bendable, huh?

We did get a nice little bit of sun for a few hours yesterday. When it does come out, so do the people, in droves!! Great to see for sure. We took advantage of the sun to ride down to Seaside and have a sandwich out on the sidewalk. They have lots of old Airstream trailers on the sidewalk that serve as "diners" Pretty neat. They all look great. We went to Barefoot was not disappointing!!



Great pork sandwiches, beans, mac & cheese, coleslaw.
Pretty much any type of meat you could want Barefoot BBQ has it!!
So, here is something to do with that Trivial Pursuit game that we don't play anymore.
Just put a random set of the cards in a cup on the table and Just pick one up and read it! BRILLIANT!! Now, I have to dig through my boxes and find mine to do this!!
Did a little walking around afterwards. Lots of shops (expensive), many restaurants (expensive) and those little "cottages" I told you about the other day (mucho expensive). But, this area does draw the hoards of spring break students and the wealthy......


Gus....Sorry but Grandpa could not fit this
ultimate duck in the van for the trip home to you!!!

 Snazzy digs....


We had HORRENDOUS rain last night. We got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night (lucky us) and stepped straight into another moat at the rear of the van!!!!

We have certainly enjoyed our stay at Grayton Beach State Park.  Super nice facilities and very tidy. Beach, as you have seen, is beautiful. Of course, there is an internet cafĂ© just a short bike ride away (our home away from home). Also many other shops and services available. I would definitely come here again if I was ever through this area. The only caution though is that BOOK AHEAD!!! Florida State Parks has a website that is very easy to use (as all the states we have been to have). We were just extremely lucky to have been able to stay here for 8 nights, although it took us moving around within the campsite 3 times to accomplish it. We didn't mind - it was well worth it!!

Friday, we move to Carrabelle (Ho-Hum RV Resort) Funny name and we hope it doesn't depict what it is like. When I called, Caroline seemed very helpful and their rates are just about the same as the state park and they have WIFI!! So, we will see you all tomorrow with "maybe" a Friday real-time post from Carrabelle!!


Thought for the Day: Thanks to Mark Batalden for the FB video. You can check on my timeline for it.

"Pay attention to how you treat others. Giving is the best communication"

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