Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Key Largo FL to Sugarloaf Key FL (82 Miles)

Talk about a leisurely travel day today!!! We MOST certainly enjoyed our drive. For the majority of the time on Hwy 1, the speed limit is 55 mph and then it often drops to 45 mph so you don't get anywhere fast, nor should you down here!! Doug was on camera duty today and he did a great job. Here are a few samples of the many he took:



The majority of the time, this is what the highway looks like...

This is a great angle. It clearly shows the causeway/bridge as it
comes over yet another little patch of land. Sometimes there isn't
even that much land at the end of these bridges!!


Old bridge that runs beside the new one. Lots of spots
along here there are people walking or fishermen.....

We just can't get over how clear the water is.....


The old bridge obviously hasn't been used for a long time!!
When we were visiting with Uncle Al & Auntie Mary, they had some good insider tips on a few things about the Keys. First of all, they told us about the Key Deer and how they exist only in the Keys. They also INSISTED that we stop on No Name Key and go for lunch at the No Name Bar. Well, we figured that we always have to do what our "elders" tell us, right? Turns out that No Name Key is only about 10 miles north of where we are staying so it made for a perfect fit for our travel day! 
First though, a bit of info on the Key Deer, according to Wikipedia:
The Key deer is an endangered deer that lives only in the Florida Keys. It is a subspecies of the white tailed deer. It is the smallest North American deer. Key deer can easily swim between the islands. Key deer inhabit nearly all habitats within their range, including pine rock lands, hardwood hammocks, mangroves, and freshwater wetlands. The species feed on over 150 types of plants, but mangroves and thatch palm berries and tasty plants and flowers from yards make up the most important part of their diets.
I added the part about the tasty plants as that was mentioned on some sign we saw......
So, as we drove around looking for the No Name Key Bar, we happened down a long road that came to a dead end. Guess what we saw!!!!! (You are all supposed to yell "the bar"). No silly people, we saw one of the deer!! 


We did find this nice little muddy beach when we stopped at the dead end though....
Sorry, not a great picture but a Key Deer nonetheless!!
So, once we got turned around and got a few directions from a dude on a bike, we went back over the bridge to the bar. Check out this picture below. These pelicans have figured out their own interpretation of "fast food". When we first crossed this bridge, one little kid was just pulling up a fish on his line and a pelican was swooping at him, trying to steal it!!!


Ah ha!! Found it....apparently so did a lot of other people!! Neat place. Originally it was a general store and it expanded to include a brothel in the late 1930's. By the 1940's, the brothel had closed and they added a bait & tackle shop. The late 1950's brought the restaurant and the bar was born!! Crazy history, huh?


Great outdoor patio or inside seating at the bar & restaurant.....




Then, they started some crazy tradition of signing your name on a $1 bill. You can not even imagine how many there are, stapled all over the inside of the building in the bar area. Of course, we HAD to join in that tradition......

That's concentration!!!!


Okay, ready for Mr. Stapler Man!!

Anyway, you can sort of see how many there are!!
No, imagine the whole big bar area covered in these bills!!

So, thanks to Alan & Mary for the tip!!

Just can't get over the colour of the water......and the sky!!
So, we landed at the KOA in Sugar Loaf Key. We got an amazingly great deal on our stay here. $371 including taxes. Everyone we spoke to on route said, "Oh, you won't get into anywhere in the Keys for less than $100 per night". We were happy they were wrong. You just have to watch for sales and coupons in magazines like we did. It's certainly isn't state park camping but then we knew that coming into it. It is fine here. They have a nice pool, laundry and little beach (bit rocky) marina and a small restaurant and store. Oh, the store sells Key Lime popsicles, dipped in chocolate (someone call a cardiologist cuz those can't be good for you!!) 


We are pretty sure that by the weekend, we will
be surrounded by other people!!




The bar where, right now, there is some very bad karaoke going on!!

While walking around on the marina, we spied this "little" fellow. He seemed not to care too much about us. He was contemplating something in the water. Just as I asked Doug if they could swim, he leaped into the water and was across a little channel before I could even turn the camera on again!! It was like he had a little engine on him underwater!!

 Yes, Nat'l Geographic I am waiting for your call!!


This is the little channel he swam across!!
We had the pleasure of meeting one of our original "friends/followers" today!! Rick & Kathy Rousseau have been with us since nearly the beginning of our blogging time! They let us know that they were also at the KOA. Today we were able to sit down and have a great visit with them. Looking forward to a few more too!! 
Greetings fellow bloggers!!! Check out their blog:
Wow, so that is the beginning of one week here in Sugar Loaf Key. We are approximately 20 miles away from Key West, the southern most point of the continental U.S.A. At this point, Cuba is only 90 miles away!! I told Doug tonight that, for me, it was a real milestone to get here. It was a HUGE part of this trip to get to this point......
Tomorrow we will be walking out to the highway and getting the city bus down into Key West and we will spend the day exploring. We are excited not to have to rush our exploration. We will have quite a few days of going down there. We will take Euri down to get his picture taken at the Mile "0" marker on one of the trips in.
If you are coming along with us be sure to bring your sunscreen!!
Thought for the Day: Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory...Dr. Seuss 


  1. Wow! You're there! Oh, how I wish I'd made it that far. Next time. That "little fella" is a species of Marine Iguana; they're usually pretty placid but boy, can they swim! I love the little Key Deer, very cute and not too bashful, it appears. Doug did a great job on photography and I assume you were driving all that way!!!!?!!! $371 at KOA for a week is good researching results - good on ya'!

    1. I know, we feel pretty "lucky" to have snagged a good rate for the week. Still, for us it is almost impossibly expensive but we will only be in the Keys once!! Miss you!!

  2. Definitely a pleasure to meet up with you last night. Hope the Karaoke didn't ruin you night of sleep. We'll definitely get together for a few Happy Hours.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. A nice read! Looking forward to more!

    1. Thanks Peter!! Hope you are holding down the fort there in Langley!!

  4. Well, finally the sun & warm. You both look tanned, relaxed and happy. Have a great week. We are going back to cold. Wish we had a couple more weeks. Not complaining though, have had a lovely winter. Take care

    1. Thanks sis - We are enjoying ourselves! You guys have also had a great time in the sun in Australia!!