Monday, 31 March 2014

Jupiter Beach FL (Day 2)

We love the days of staying put! Sounds weird on an exploratory trip like this but we always enjoy checking out these state parks. This one has great biking trails, canoe and kayak rentals and a small boat tour. We just chose our own bikes to tour. I think we rode about 9 miles today. Sounds like a lot but truth be known, Florida is pretty flat so it isn't too strenuous. Still enjoyable though!

Check out some of our sights from today....

We "think" this is called a gopher turtle. Seems to like to
dig (duh) and likes lots of dry scrub.....

Hard to tell but he was about 12-14" long....

There is this nice, 1 mile biking trail. Then you head out on the campground road.
This river campground is 4 miles away from where the ranger station is.... 

Hardwood hammock forest area....Funny, these palms grow wild as
underbrush here. At home, we buy them from Home Depot and pay
a high price for a measly one in a pot....

Then about another mile further down the road you come to a "Gator gate".
We figured that we would not see one......

We aren't sure about this sign...... "molesting" of an alligator!!! 

And sure enough, here it was.....

Just hanging out by the swamp....

It was on the left side of the road, behind the gate. But the fence only
goes by the barrier and it is free to come and go as it pleases....
Once we got up to the top part and the new campground we took these pictures. You can hear the highway a bit and the sites aren't nearly the same. The are new and there is no shade. Still, there are 4 brand new bathroom buildings for about 90 sites. That's pretty generous.

They have some nice green areas close by though.

Getting tired of the alligator signs yet?


Thanks once again Florida State Parks - another winner here!!
So on the ride back down to the River Campground, we checked on the alligator again. It was still there and we saw this sneaky little snake. It was crawling up the trunk of a burned palm tree, right near the alligator!!

Eastern or Harlequin Coral snake.....very poisonous.
Blunt black snout, followed by a band of yellow, as you can see at the top.
Apparently it is a very elusive snake so we were lucky to have seen it!

Looks like a necklace wrapped around the tree, huh?

Okay, last one for today!!!
You just don't get these in Canada!!! 
Still hanging around
We really like the state parks (as you can probably tell). I guess the only thing I wish for is internet at our sites but in Florida the vendors at concessions are required to provide internet access. Some of them do not shut down at night but this one does, at 7 here we are!
So, we are out of here tomorrow. On our way up to Tomoka State Park, up by Daytona Beach. We may be there for 3-4 days. We really want to check out this area. Hope we have lots to show you from there.
Thought for the Day:  You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. 


  1. It would probably have been worth your while to get a pay as you go cellular internet stick for your time in the U.S.

  2. Some people are dumb enough to pull an alligator's tail or poke sticks at it thus they are molesting the alligator. The big problem is if they get upset with you they'll remind you in a deadly way not to play with them.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. I think there shouldn't be a warning about pulling on some alligator's tail. If you're that dumb, go at it!