Sunday, 30 March 2014

Fort Lauderdale FL to Jupiter Beach FL (60 Miles)

Not much happened yesterday (Saturday) in the afternoon after I did the post. We rode around and I took a few pictures. The first few are from inside the park and the next few are from the neighbourhood nearby. We had an amazing lighting and thunder storm and lots of rain (for a bit). It was pretty spectacular, watching it from the van. It is neat because for a while (until it started raining) we could have the door open.



Neighbourhood pond....

....with the obligatory alligator sign!!

A native Florida bird was standing on the back of a plastic
Canada Goose, making fun of it!!

The gentleman next to us had two very large dogs. One St. Bernard and
one Newfoundland. The St Bernard liked to lay on the dashboard!!!

We left the park today about 11:00 am and decided to take the very slow road, Hwy A1A, up the coast as far as we could. It is the same Hwy A1A (or Collins Avenue) that we were on in Miami Beach. Gorgeous, palatial and, I imagine, horrendously expensive mansions. Some front onto the beach, with little buildings on the opposite side of the street with pools, change rooms, kitchen, etc.  They sort of match their house. We think some of them have underground tunnels to access the beach. There are many areas around Boca Raton and Delray Beach that completely hog the beach with all the high-priced condos, hotels, etc. You sometimes have to go several miles to get beach access. I guess money talks and the rest of us walk.


These boat slips in the canal are owned by the houses on the right
hand side of the street. They just walk across and they are off!
Oh, and they all have close-circuit TV monitors too!!


Gorgeous gardens everywhere....

One of the public areas.....


In this one you can see the little gate.
It is for the house across the street...and it's locked!!
But, look at the beautiful, blue Atlantic Ocean!!


A measly 60 mile drive pretty much took us about 3 hours but that was by choice. While there were lots of ostentatious places, there were many regular areas too, although the fancier ones definitely made up the majority. Of course, we stopped for a bathroom break and lunch. The park was actually just about 2 miles down the road from here!!
Ha ha ha.....


Really, I was taking a picture of the pelicans.....
For the next two days we are at Jonathan Dickinson State Park. We are very impressed. Four miles off the highway and way down by the Loxahatchee River is the campground we are at, River Campground. They also have some newer ones up by the highway for the big rigs. For some reason, the reservation person gave us one of the big sites up by the highway (yuck) and we were, luckily, able to trade it for a nice one down here by the river. Check it out:

And here we are, in Site 97 in the River Campground.

Really, really pretty sites and campground.

Our internet office overlooks the Loxahatchee River....

They have the usual vendor run concession store and they have internet by the store up until 7 pm each day so that's nice. So that is where we are posting this right now. It’s a pretty nice “office” spot right by the river so we won’t complain.
Hope everyone has a great Sunday and we will be doing a post tomorrow, as usual!!

Thought for the Day: Love more, worry less.


  1. And that is why Vancouver Island rocks, there are so many places to access the water and no one owns the shoreline - legally, anyone is permitted to walk it even if it is in front of your multi-million dollar mansion! Cheers from Comox

    1. I am sure IF you can get to the shoreline, the same rules apply here. It's just too bad that they didn't plans a few more public access routes.

  2. Looks like you're taking the time to smell the coconuts. Glad to see you're Enjoying yourselves.
    Be Safe.

    It's about time.

    1. You're right Rick & Kathy - it's very pretty here.

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