Sunday, 9 March 2014

Carrabelle FL (Day 3)

Spent a relaxing day today. We even woke up to the correct time, putting to rest the theory that we cannot be trained!! Two pots of coffee, pancakes and a Skype talk with Josh, Kathy & Gus and it was time for a beach walk.

Apparently, this area is called Florida's "Forgotten Coast". I imagine that the people who like it want it to remain so named so it stays quaint and quiet! It's certainly under-developed and that is what we like about it. Hope it stays just like it is.

Just off the edge of the park, there is a nice long beach walk, all uninhabited. Super nice....





Heading back to the park....

Love it when there is a random tree trunk and people start
placing weird things they find at the beach on it....

This house is right behind us at the park. Can't believe how high
they set them up. Guess no water will get in there!!

My travelling buddy extraordinaire!! 

 Just waiting on Nat'l Geographic to call me.....anytime!!

Our favourite birds - pelicans!!
Well, once again, that is our fast-paced, high-powered life. We have enjoyed our time at Ho-Hum RV Park. Run by nice folks and very happy bunch of people. enjoyed our stay.
The really cool thing is that we met some great people, Paul & Sharon Shuster. They are from Laporte, MN (that's Minnesota for all my Canadian friends). We first noticed them when they pulled in with a great motorhome, a Blue Bird Wanderlodge. On the front it says "On the Road Again". Bluebird is a school bus manufacturer but they made these particular coaches specifically as motor homes. We LOVED it!!
We told them that, after our van, they won first place, in our eyes, for the greatest motorhome!!
While talking to them we also learned that they are Harvest Hosts. Their winery is called Forestedge Winery. Remember the prize we won with Kevin & Ruth back in the fall for a Harvest Host one year membership? It is where you can stay at particular wineries and eco-farms, etc. for free but you "thank" them by buying some of their product (i.e. wine) as in the case of Paul & Sharon. Kevin asked us, not long ago, if we had had the opportunity yet to use the membership. We have not but we will sure be trying to in the upcoming travels. Our "little" problem (besides only being able to rely on the porta-potty which is okay) is that we have no way to heat the van in case of cold (which we have had LOTS of). We need to have a power supply for our little heater. We keep hoping for a little warm spell and would love to try the membership out!! Maybe Minnesota will be the place!!
Anyway, you have to check out their website:    
They make all kinds of specialty fruit wines, Cranberry, Chokecherry, Pear, Plum, just to name a few. My mouth is already watering. We are certainly going to try and get to that winery when we "dip" into Minnesota to visit our friends, Mark & Patty from Burnsville MN on our way home. (Hey, Mark & should plan a day trip and go up there to check it out. They are great people!!). We just love meeting people like them on our travels!! This is why we wanted to do this trip.
Anyway, that's it for us today. We are leaving here for Manatee Springs State Park. It is about 6 miles west of Chiefland, FL, about 2.5 hours from here. I have checked ahead with Mother Nature and it seems that she is beginning to feel a little more hospitable and just may provide us with some warm weather - here's hoping!!!
HOWEVER.....we may not have internet!!
And, we may not have the ability to ride our bikes to another handy dandy coffee shop to use their internet either!! We will not know until we arrive there tomorrow. If you do not see a post starting tomorrow for a few days you will know this is the case. As always, we will catch everyone up on what we did all week on about Friday.
On Friday, we leave Manatee Springs State Park and descend upon my Uncle Alan & Auntie Mary in Anna Maria Island, about 4 hours south of Manatee Springs for 3 nights!!
From ours to yours.
Thought for the Day: If it's both terrifying and amazing, you should definitely pursue it!!
Dedicated to our daughter, Teagan & son-in-law, Shawn on their move and new business venture in Nelson, BC, The Timber Tattoo Company.......
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