Saturday, 8 March 2014

Carrabelle FL (Day 2)

MAINTENANCE.............Yup, that is what today was.

First of all, back to the morning. We went to bed quite late last night (like 12:30 am.) so naturally, we slept in!. When we crawled out of bed this morning wet thought it was a reasonable 9:30 am. That was until we discovered that about 10 miles back we had crossed into the official eastern time zone line and it was actually 10:30 am. I am surprised that no one checked in on us to make sure we were still alive (thanks fellow RV'ers!!). The next funny part is that we will be losing ANOTHER hour of sleep tonight with the "spring forward" time change thing!! Sheesh!! We will never get those 2 hours back!! We thought it was pretty funny!

Someone here told us a funny story about New Years Eve. The little towns, just back west of us are neighbouring towns but in different time zones. On New Years Eve, everyone celebrates in Port St. Joe first and then they all climb aboard a bus that take them to Mexico Beach (the next neighbouring town) and they celebrate there again! Sounds like fun to us - two New Years Eve for the price of one. Apparently, all the bars are in on it so everyone really whoops it up!!

Anyway, this morning when Doug went to put on the coffee, we were out of propane in the tank under the van.....gasp!!!! So, we had to do everything on the camp stove outside, which is okay but really, we have only two luxuries in this van. One is cold running water and the other is propane for the stove. Now, we were also without our fresh water pump at this point as we only received it the day before we left Grayton Beach so we had not got it installed yet.

After breakfast, we packed the van back up and headed up the highway about 20 miles to another little RV place (which, sadly for us, is a tad nicer than this one) and had them fill up the propane under the van ($14.85 worth). Then we came back, set up again and got to work on the fresh water pump. Long story short, Doug nailed it and it works like a charm now. Super happy to have BOTH those huge luxuries back on board with us!!

Also, we had bought some lengths of small wooden dowles to use as little supports to help hold that insulation in the top canvas area in place (remember the stuff we put in way back in California?). So, Mr. Handy Man had to cut those (yes, he has a little saw) and we got those installed as well. Notice my selected use of the "we" word??

See, now that "maintenance" thing makes sense, right??

Doug, once again, with the back of the van pulled apart to access the
fresh water tank and pump standing around with the camera!
Pump was in that little box - who would think it could cause all that trouble!!

 Pump fixed and now the doweling project under way
Yup, he is handy!! I don't travel any where without him!!!
Well, with all those jobs done we barely had time for a margarita!! I did say "barely" so we did manage to squeeze a few in alright!! 
Tomorrow we are still here. We will, hopefully, enjoy the sunshine again and the beach. It was nice today but only got up to about 15-16C (60-62F). Not too bad but still unseasonably cool for Florida (or so we are told) We will take it as we know what some areas of Canada and the North and Eastern parts of the US are right now......
Glad to see we have had some influence on our kids. Check out these next 2 pictures Josh sent us:
Glad to see the Reef flip flops we got Gus for
Christmas are fitting him!! (His are the little feet by the way!!)

Striding through the kitchen dragging an empty beer box.Hey, he
is wearing those snazzy flip flops still! If it weren't for the soother,
he would look a lot like his Dad!!! I think he is on a mission!! 
Hope everyone enjoys their evening - don't forget to set your clock forward when you go to bed tonight!!!
Thought for the day: My father used to say..."Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument....Desmond Tutu

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