Saturday, 1 February 2014

South Padre Island (Day 2)

Last night was the first night in a month that we did not have to use the little heater in the van overnight! We were pretty stoked and felt like we had won the lottery - boy do you learn to appreciate things like your furnaces at home when you camp in the cold like we have been doing!! We love the warmth!!

First though, I thought this sign was rather thought provoking........hmmmmmm.

We decided against taking the bikes out today and opted to walk instead. First, we took this picture of the big bridge that we came over on. Those little dots you see in the water are fishermen in little floaters, guess they must be standing?? 
Then, we headed over to the big beach on the Gulf side. It was amazing!! The roar we could here on the leeward side of the island at the KOA was indeed the surf pounding...
 Welcome to the Gulf of Mexico!!


 Looking south

Looking northward...

 Pretty self-explanatory!!

Okay, now before my kids laugh at me, I will explain the strap under my chin. The
wind was so incredibly strong that I really didn't want to lose my Tilley hat!! So, I opted
for "geek-oid" look so I wouldn't have to run down the beach after it. I forgot to fix it before this shot...Pretty sure I will hear from one of my kids!!  

Pretty much the entire beach is taken up with all these condos, big and small.
The sand is super hard packed and littered with lots of shells...

 Bottom blue sign says could be venomous sea life present!!


 And, of course, we found Coconuts Bar!! 

After we refreshed ourselves with a Margarita, We found that there was a bus for S. Padre Island that was free and just ran a loop around the island. It was a great way to see it all as the island is pretty long...


Well, that is the day. We are treating ourselves to dinner here at Pier 19. It has been a great day and we really enjoyed our time here.
We are leaving tomorrow and heading to Mustang Island State Park, up by Corpus Christi. We will see how we do there. It is a state park so there may NOT be any internet! Don't worry, we are out there...."somewhere"!!
Thought for the Day: Be curious, not judgemental.....Walt Whitman


  1. Hey! That looks familiar! Guess it has been almost a month since we were there - looks much much sunnier! Jealous of the warm temps - still cool here in NM - headed over to Oliver Lee Memorial State Park tomorrow for some electricity and heat!

  2. the warmth was so nice after the cold in NM. We are now at Goose Island SP by Fulton TX. We are paying for those warm temps now as it is pretty cold again!! Enjoy Oliver Lee - it is near the White Sands Monument.