Monday, 3 February 2014

S. Padre Island to Mustang Island (190 Miles)

Late post from Sun, Feb 2nd:

Well, we left South Padre Island at 11:45 am Sunday morning. There was lots of grey marine cloud around but pretty warm at 25.5 C (78 F). Within 3 hours and approximately 120 miles north it was 8 C (46.5 F) with a wind blowing. We don’t know how fast the wind was blowing but it was quite a bit colder.......YIKES!! How did we fall so far so fast off the warm truck??? Oh well, that’s exploration and travel for you.

Heading back over the S. Padre Island bridge....
Grey skies (marine air) but still really warm!!

Border Security Inspection station about 1 hour north of S. Padre.....

Hmmmm- does that look like rain?

We thought that we left the bad weather behind us....we were wrong!!




This land is part of the Coastal Bend Bays & Estuaries...
We arrived at Mustang Island State Park. Another Texas Gulf Coast campground. Only thing is this is pretty much just on an asphalt parking lot, with a bit of grass to camp on and nice little picnic tables & covers. Oh well. They can't all be winners! We figure in the summer that this is a pretty busy place.

Ranger Station at Mustang Island. Notice the large, high concrete
structure to withstand potential hurricanes?!!!

What is with the snake thing????


Yeah, he doesn't look so sure!!
notice how puffed up his coat is from the wind??

The beach is right over that berm behind us...
That cold wind did not deter us. We are “burly West Coasters” and we bundled up and went for a walk to the gulf shore, about 1 block from where the van is. Okay, I have to admit, it was freaking cold and the sand was pouring into our faces, but we still liked it. We didn’t stay long but we at least saw it! It was pretty neat because we could see some oil production platforms off the coast. Not sure how they are hanging on, but they are there. There were quite a few helicopters flying back and forth. We joked that maybe they were rescuing the campers but we figure that it was ferrying the workers out to the platforms. We thought that maybe those rigs would be sitting on the seashore when we woke up in this morning but they were not!! It is really incredible how fast the weather changes in such a short time!! I am sure that S. Padre Island did not escape this change in weather either. 

But we walked around on the road...remember the snake sign?
I wasn't walking through that grass!! 

Empty day use area...can't imagine why!!

Possible don't say!!



Now that's an angry ocean!!

See the platform in the centre of the picture?



View back to the "campers"

So, now it is the Super Bowl. I am not sure if it is a display of desperation for civilization or just plain jealousy but I did, momentarily resort to using our monocular to stare in the big front window of the A Class motorhome across the way where I could see the game playing on a, probable, 42” screen!! Oh well, my gas bill is way LOWER than his anyway!!

So, Doug tasked himself with cranking the flashlight/radio up
every few minutes and that is how we "watched" the Super Bowl!!
(Notice his glass of wine on the little heater down by his leg? That helped!)
Anyway, today is Monday and we are off to "who knows where" It may just be 20 miles up the coast to Goose Island, but I suspect the weather is the same. We may go 120 miles up the road to Port O'Connor (Teagan & Shawn - you guys have a town named after you!!). Guess we will see where the cold road takes us! You will hear from us, maybe tonight, if we have wifi or maybe the next day!!
Love to all family & friends!!
Thought for the Day: We are going to succeed because we are crazy enough to think we can!!

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