Friday, 7 February 2014

Port O'Connor to League City TX (149 Miles)

Late post from Thursday, Feb 5th:

We left windy Port O’Connor at about 10:30 am on Thursday and made the obligatory stop at a Walmart for groceries (Seriously, I wish we had taken out a Walmart credit card as we would have an amazing amount of points by now!!) I actually timed our “pack-up” this morning. It took us an unbelievable 12 minutes to get the van ready to go! Boy, have we become experts on it!
Anyway, off we went down a very boring set of Texas farm roads and highways. Not much to show you and not much to say. Although I will say that some of the little towns are definitely looking a little long in the tooth.  Wind-swept roads, broken down stores, broken windows, a bit sad to see really. A sign of hard-hit America?? Not sure where everyone is doing business but it isn’t in some of these towns and believe me, the Walmart’s are nowhere near these places so I don’t think that they have taken away all of this business. 
First though, some pictures from Wednesday night in Port O'Connor. Nothing like barbequing, South Texas style....



...but it was all worth it, right Doug??
Today we are at Safari RV Park. Don’t get all excited.  This is no safari. The biggest animals we have seen today are a myriad of dead animals on the highway and a few stray dogs roaming through the park. Now, back to the “park”. This is a series of permanently padded mobile homes (in kinda tough shape), some monthly rentals, all crammed on the rear of the property and then a strip in the centre of the park for us “transients” (love being called that, by the way). The facilities are not even a D- grade. Wendy, who works here, says her family owns the park and she has been most helpful in check-in. Oh, back to the facilities. They are in a small metal style building. There is no ladies toilet. Apparently it is broken and under repair. There is only one shower room, ditto reason for that too.  There is a “group room” that has several large tables and a book exchange but that is closed when Wendy is not in the office. Also, there is ANOTHER sign about not bringing fireworks OR guns into the room. Oh well. You winsome you lose some....... 
Fast forward to this morning (Friday)
These were my words from LAST night. When we got up this morning, the ONLY toilet in the park had ben plugged overnight and was overflowing. There was no one in the office, only a maintenance man on a tractor. I asked him if he could unplug the toilet and he told me not until the lady came to the office to unlock it so he could get a plunger out. I commented that "We wouldn't want to leave a plunger in the bathroom" and he replied with a "No, they will only steal it...." We have fully packed up the van and right now we are at McDonald's. Their bathrooms worked fine and they have internet.....and coffee!! 
Now, you can carry on reading!!!
Why were we staying at a “not so great” park you might ask. Well. It is a Passport America Park for one (and they will hear about this one, believe me). That meant we only had to pay $15 per night (for 3 nights) and $22.50 for the 4th night. It also placed us rather close to Houston (5 miles) away to enjoy some of the special “events” that we have lined up. You will have to check in with us later to see what Friday will bring!!

We are currently searching for a new place to stay.
 Thought for the Day: If only closed minds came with closed mouths.

Maybe my thought should have been "keep a plunger in the bathroom!!!:


  1. Yuck, sometimes you just need to move on. Good to let Passport America know about these run down places, they should be removed from the list.

  2. OMG! Restrooms are a mandatory need! Hey, I just found out there's a city park here in Abbeville that has sites and showers, etc. Want me to find out about it? I'lll be leaving next Wednesday and heading west. We should be able to hook up somehow. If we have a meetup I'll keep the calendar; if not, I'll leave it with Betty. Isn't this cold and wet weather fun?