Sunday, 23 February 2014

New Orleans (Day 3)

It isn't really possible to explain what it is like to be following so closely on the heels of America's WORST winter in over 30 years!!!!!

Thanks for letting me get that out......

The other day, we had a tornado warning in Breaux Bridge. Today we had a flood watch and thunder and lighting warning in New Orleans. Now, we are used to hard rain but what we got today was RAIN-DICULOUS!!! It rained so hard that our campsite was under about 3 inches of water. So much so that our mat was actually floating. The only thing that held it down was the fact that it had the picnic table legs on top of it!!! When the rain abated a bit, we had to pull the van ahead so we could get out of it without a Coast Guard rescue team....

Well, at least it is washed!!



We had wanted to go into the city again for one more walk on the Mississippi boardwalk down by the cruise ships and another cafĂ©-au-lait and beignet but it was impossible. After such a deluge, by 5 pm it was nice and sunny. Doug had one minor little repair to do. The water pump in our sink stopped working so he had to mess around with it. Seems now it works and he wasn't even sure what he did. That's a VW for you!!!

After that ruined day what else to do but break out the Margaritas and use our newly awarded Mardi Gras 2014 purple cups!! Yippee!!


That's our pile of beads!!

That's it for us. Great to talk to family tonight. Love that as always!! Super funny seeing that Gus has discovered that he has hair - who knew??!!!!

Tomorrow we will leave from this park and head onto our next spot, Bayou Segnette State Park. It is about 40 minutes south of here. We are booked there until Thursday morning. We will be heading onto Florida after that.

Any bets as to whether or not we finally get more than one day in a row of warmth and sun??? 


Thought for the Day: The biggest communication problem is that we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply....


  1. A lot of bloggers out there are complaining about the lousy weather, except the ones in Mexico. Florida should be better bybthe time you get there. Here's hoping.

  2. You two are amazing. I would have headed home way before now. I know us Beglaws are stubborn (sometimes) but that is pure determination. Anywhere you and Kevin & Ruth have been we feel we've been there. Good on you. Hope it warms up soon. Luv u

  3. Thanks Diane & Peter - After this last bit of bad weather, it's hard not to feel like we are just slogging our way through this trip. Kind words always help us along! Thanks to you both!!