Saturday, 8 February 2014

League City TX to Houston TX (24 Miles)


That was how we felt this morning. Hope you all had a good hearty laugh at this morning's post. Believe me, it was not funny from our end (no pun intended) this morning. Unfortunately, we totally messed up our exciting plans for todays "event". What we were supposed to do is go for a tour of the Houston Space Centre!! We were really looking forward to it. Instead, we found ourselves searching for new accommodations. And not in the best of moods either!!! Luckily we found this place and it was only a mere 24 miles away!!

We are now staying at a resort chain here in Houston run under the banner of Quality RV Resorts. There are a total of 6 of them in the greater Houston area with plans to open a 7th shortly. We are at the Southlake RV Resort. It is so new, the paint has hardly dried on the walls. They have only been open for 2 weeks and already there are quite a few people in here. Very nice and efficient staff. We are paying dearly for the privilege at $45 per night. After yesterday's fiasco, it seems well worth our sanity.

They have an amazing clubhouse with exercise room, computer /office room. Bathroom, laundry are spotless (as they should be). The amenities room even has nice couches with a big screen TV and fresh coffee, microwave and popcorn. Just a tweeny bit different from yesterday!!! Just noticed that I did not get a picture of the main building.

Houston...big city, big freeways

Just an RV park...but squeaky clean!!


Swanky pond and fountain...

Even swankier lounge area....I smell popcorn!!

To be fair, the lady at Safari refunded the balance of our money. We paid for one night and that was all. She was, initially, a bit defensive but then acquiesced that we were right about the facility. But she did add that rigs were actually "supposed" to be self-contained. I wanted to add that she "should have" advised us that there was no working toilet or shower for ladies. She did not advise us of that little detail until we had paid. Not again will this happen to us.....

So, we have had wine (...lots) and hot showers (...long) and are now ready to make pasta and salad and call it a night.

So, tomorrow we are off to the Houston Space Centre and we are pretty stoked about it! Because Doug ordered the tickets on-line, we saved about $10 so it will cost us $35 total to get in and $6 to park. We knew it would be pricey and now coupled with the added expense of this park, we will have to eat beans and rice for the next month!! Whatever, we like beans and rice!!

Wish us luck. We will have lots of pictures to share when we get back tomorrow evening!!

Thanks again for listening to me complain a bit. Pretty much gotta share the good with the bad. Sometimes when you travel, things don't always go "quite" as planned, do they?


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