Sunday, 16 February 2014

Lake Charles LA to Breaux Bridge LA (90 Miles)

Welcome to Breaux Bridge everyone!! We are approximately 14 miles east and north of Lafayette, LA, on the north side of Interstate 10 (Yes, the very same interstate that comes all the way from California!!)

This morning Mary-Pat was FINALLY feeling much better and we got in a good visit with her. So glad we did not have to leave her there feeling like she did when she arrived!! Super sad to say adios but we will, hopefully, see her again this year. She has knee surgery scheduled for end of April in Sacramento area so she will be off the road for a few months waiting for that to heal. Looking forward to hearing stories about her return trip home and all that happens there with family & friends!! 

See you soon our friend!!!
We basically just followed the I-10 all the way here. Very easy drive and our GPS gave us perfect directions (of course!). A few interesting signs along the way, like this one for example:

Hmmm, okay??

Neighbourhood just before getting to Poche's....
Well, this is a great spot and our thanks to Jerry & Paula Gale from Nova Scotia for extolling it's virtues! We will be here for the next 5 nights with Virdy and her family. Looks like it's going to be a nice stay for sure!! (especially now that they got that water line fixed, which was under repair when we arrived!!!)

Come one, come all!!

Super cute, rustic office. I do have to find out about those cement blocks that
some of the houses are on in this area. Some are on them, some are not.....
Wow - Thanks Paula & Jerry for loaning us your spot!!
Love the swing!!!

Bathroom, laundry, and pool building - nice and close!!
View is right out our door.... 

Love all the out buildings....

Greeting committee.....

Front office.....

 ...and where are YOU from??


I believe this is a clubhouse/meeting room....
The road loops way around the site with many stocked ponds through out.
Not knowing much about the park yet, we are assuming that this whole
back area is pretty new. We had a nice leisurely bike ride around....
Lots of great characters here too!! This gentleman
has a motorcycle and wants to let everyone know to watch out for bikers!!!

Also, his van - pretty self-explanatory sign I would say.
Love that about people down here - they don't mince their words it seems!!

More of the rental cabins on the back side of the ponds....

 Big and little ones available....

...and all the way back across the big pond is Euri. We are always
pretty easy to spot - with a magnifying glass that is!!

There are neat little dike roads connecting all the stocked fishing ponds.
Looks to be a favourite place for fishing that's for sure!!

Back at Euri, Camp Canada is ready and the awning is out - come on in!!


Really L-O-V-E this swing!!

 View out our back area....

Internet works on the "big" computer...not so good on the tablet.
Notice Doug even has the party lights up on the awning!!
So, all comfy and cozy for tonight and the following four more nights. Great price too. Passport America comes to the rescue again and Virdy (owner) has graciously given us the extra PA rate for our last night's stay, $18 per night - Thanks Virdy!!
We are going to have Virdy check on a swamp boat tour for us (thanks Paula & Jerry - again!) and we absolutely cannot leave without finding a good place for crawfish boil!!!
For now, it's time for tea and lights out!!
PS -> Jerry: Doug wants to know why when we told them we knew you that they wanted a larger damage deposit......just askin'?? (Anything you want to tell us??!!)
Thought for the Day: We'll let our pillow speak for us tonight:

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  1. Great post. I'm so glad we got to get somewhat caught up On=ver the last five days. This afternoon I took a reverse turn and felt like s&#t again; now I know I have to keep stuff in my tummy 'cause it's been empty for quite a while. I'm thrill we got to visit and I'm sure we could go on for weeks! You new home looks friendly. Do forget you can check out Betty's - Happy Hour starts at 4:30 and goes until people get tired of talking, dancing, drinking, singing. Take your own booze and maybe just a little snack. They don't n red it but the gesture's nice. Mention my and you'll get to know them really quickly. The photo's OK - not great - but at 71 after this cold I lucky I won'd look completely dead!