Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Lake Charles LA (Day 2)

WOW - did it ever pour last night! At one point I woke up and tried to remember just how far we were from that river with the alligators anyway?? When we are tucked in, nice and cozy in our little van, with (thankfully) our little heater going, we are happy and thankful for the warmth. We actually enjoy the sound of the raindrops on the roof. Super glad we aren't in a tent tonight (even though we have canvas on our top sides) because there could be no way to stay dry after that deluge!! By this morning, it had stopped but it has continued, off and on, for most of the day.

So, here is the skinny on alligators:

They don't hibernate they actually brummate. That is, they react to a cold environment by slowing their metabolic activity, but certainly not to the deep torpor of true hibernation. ­When it gets cold in the winter, alligators slow down. Below 21 C (70 F) or so ­they stop feeding, and when it gets much colder, alligators dig out a den in the bank of a pond or river and go dormant until it warms up again. ­Alligators can even survive freezing conditions. They have been known to rise to the surface if the water is about to freeze, with their nostrils above the surface. This allows them to breathe through the ice as it forms. In extreme cases, they get frozen
into the surface of the pond for several days
and then swim free when the ice melts.

So, now you know what we know....which by the way isn't much!! Anyway, seems like the chance of seeing one is almost nil, but we will keep on looking!!

We did manage to walk that trail I showed you yesterday. Very nice and peaceful. Only us out there. It basically follows the Houston River, which drains into Calcasieu Lake, which, in turn, then goes to the Gulf of Mexico. The trail wanders for a long ways and then turns back in towards the park. Pretty easy 1.6 mile walk, during which it did begin to rain quite hard but we had an umbrella and were well suited up for the cold. Trail was pretty wet and muddy in spots but we were still able to walk around it.

Still super pretty walking....

Looks like high-density housing (or eating) for woodpeckers!!


Thanks to Bob & Danna for the umbrella!!





New area of the trail....

It was also interesting to see the huge and beautiful houses just across the river. I imagine that living across from the state park is nice because you know there will never be any development there.

Pretty fine looking homes, huh?

Not much else. The temperature has not risen above 4 C (39 F) all day. Managed to get 2 loads of "free" wash and drying done. Our thanks to Louisiana State Parks!!

We have arranged our next 2 spots. We we will stay here in Lake Charles until Sunday the 16th. Then we will move to Breaux Bridge and Poche's Fish 'n Camp on Sunday (www.pochesrvpark.com). Our friends, Paula & Jerry from Nova Scotia go there and they rave about it. We have already called ahead and Virdy there, is expecting us and is putting us in Paula & Jerry's favourite spot (sorry guys!!). We will stay there until Friday Feb. 21st. 

On Friday the 21st....we hit New Orleans!!!! We have also pre-arranged a spot to stay for 3 nights. It is pricey in New Orleans as it is Mardi Gras "season". Rates at Jude Travel Park are $55 per night-YIKES!! It does look to be fairly central to Bourbon Street, etc. They can arrange shuttle service or you can just get the bus that stops across the street from the RV park. Check them out at: (www.judetravelparkofneworleans.com). Again, not the exact type of place we love to stay at but sometimes you have to stay in the city parks to partake in any of the city life. We will stay there until Monday morning the 24th. After that is anyone's guess (anyone out there care to take a guess, cuz we don't know either!!)

That's it for us for tonight. Quite a few more folks have pulled into our little circle today though. We are hunkering down, once again, listening to the rain. Doug says the weather forecast is "supposed" to be better tomorrow. We'll see!! We are really looking forward to seeing our friend Mary-Pat tomorrow!!


Thought for the Day: This is dedicated to Gus, Capt Super-Duck, the world's greatest new little super hero......We love you little buddy!!


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