Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Lake Charles LA (Day 3)

Company arrived today in the form of our dear friend, Mary-Pat!! We were so excited to see her, it's like a gift from home!!

I had big visions of taking our picture with her today but she has a very nasty cold and visited briefly and then retired into Floribunda and is hitting the bed for the rest of the night. Darn it!! Visiting will have to wait until tomorrow I guess!! It wouldn't do to have us peering in her windows looking pathetic, now would it?? As long as she feels better, that's the main thing!!

Meet Floribunda the motor home and Petunia the Smart Car..
(and yes, she travels on her own and does all that hooking up by herself!!)
She is a very inspiring lady!!!

Last night is poured exceptionally hard and for a long period. Now, being from the West Coast of Canada, we are VERY used to rain and cooler temperatures in the winter but this was a drumming of rain the likes no one has seen since Noah built the ark!! Oh brother!!

We went for a nice walk today and spied another armadillo. Can't believe we get so excited every time we see one but they are quite the novelty for us Canadians! Also saw more of our deer friends and the proverbial racoon coming out of a dumpster. That never changes no matter where you are!!





Another short trail walk.....


Here's another few looks at the campground. See Euri on the far left side?? 


Oh, and Camp Canada is properly set up!!!

As at this point today (4:30 pm) it has not, as yet, rained today. That is such a nice change but it has not managed to climb above 5C (41F). Super hard to convince yourself at 4:00 am that you have to get up out of your cozy warm bed and trudge to the bathroom. No matter how close it seems during the day, believe me, at night, in the rain, it's WAY further!!!

So, another tin-foil dinner for us tonight. Maybe even a glass of wine.....don't say!! Here's to hoping for a dry night and a bit of warmer temps for tomorrow.

Here's to seeing friends!!!


Thought for the Day: Our reaction to a situation literally has the power to change the situation itself....

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