Monday, 10 February 2014

Houston TX to Lake Charles LA (171 Miles)

We bid farewell to Houston this morning about 10:30 am. It was about 17 C (62.6 F) but it had started to rain and then it really rained pretty hard. Glad Doug was on driving duty!


Trucks, trucks and more trucks.
Hunters in their trucks.....must still be Texas!!
We headed east to Louisiana and welcomed ourselves to a new state!!  It seems super exciting each time we enter a new state, unchartered territory!!

The state flag of Louisiana

Okay, okay....stop with all the fan fare! You're going to make us blush!!
First stop, as always, is the information centres, usually along the highway. Normally a pretty good source for a few maps, etc. This one was already decked out on the chandelier with Mardi Gras colours!!

 Teagan - I do believe the music we are about to encounter in this state is just your style!! 

Just didn't want y'all (a little Texas lingo) to think we had run out of refineries yet!!
So, of course, as promised, we headed to the local Walmart again and got all our supplies. We are thinking that we "possibly" may be here for at least 4 to 5 days. Luckily, the Walmart is only about 15 minutes away so, if need be, we can head in for more supplies as the week progresses. We'll see how it goes. So far the internet is lighting quick and bathrooms are alright - not perfect but alright. We WAY prefer to be in a state or county park to an RV type resort and wait til you see some of my initial pictures!! Anyway, we arrived here about 2:00 pm. $20 per night - pretty cheap!!

As we drove in on the camping road, what to our wandering eyes (well, Doug's actually, I thought it was a rock!!) did appear but an armadillo routing around for dinner!! 

Just love these - they should be on a state flag somewhere!!
Their motto is determination, toughness and diligence!!
...and here we are!!

...and 5 minutes later, here is our first visitor!! 

So after a lighting quick unpack, we made lunch and headed out for a walk. It had just started to sprinkle a bit so we made it quick, just to get the first initial pictures off to you all!! (See, the things we do to keep you all happy!!)

Right off the end of our camping road, our first official swamp...a bit
dried out right now but still....a swamp nonetheless!!

Pretty nice area!!


We walked over to the river where the picnic sites are. Doug stood there, looking
out across the river and is pretty certain that he could see something
swimming under the water to the opposite side....
...are you kidding?? I guess we aren't in Canada anymore, huh?
Super, super excited if we get to see one.
Another fairly self-explanatory sign!! (Gosh, I wonder why??)

All the trees are dripping with Spanish moss... 
So excited - love this look!!


Called the Orange Trail - 1.6 miles. Hopefully we can do this tomorrow!

...and that is the bathroom building - pretty close for us!!
So, that's the day. Can you tell we are pretty stoked? Well, Doug was right up until he read the part about the possibility of snow for tomorrow! Snow in Louisiana?? Even the ranger at the check-in station can't believe it!! Yes, we are proud to be part of this crazy weather pattern that is the start of 2014 - bring it on. We are burly West Coast Canadians!!
I guess the other thing we are stoked about is the super fast internet. I keep expecting it to drop the proverbial ball any second that is why I am posting this now - while everything is going well!! Hopefully, tomorrow will be just as fast. Also, they give you FREE laundry here (cold water only but who cares!) FREE LAUNDRY!!!!!
So, good night from Louisiana and the Sam Houston Jones State Park. We are, as always, missing our families and friends and especially our little Ewok below!!! (or is it Quatchi from the Winter Olympics of 2010?) Anyway, we miss him so much......
Love you little buddy!!!
(Yes, that is Josh at the other end of the kitchen!!)
Thought for the Day: Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny...C.S. Lewis


  1. Nice post, good looking campground, beautiful grandson and I especially like the thought of the day, we have endured that and are well trained for retirement on a budget!

  2. Thanks Peter - I always look forward to your comments! This seems to be a really great spot. Just wish that beautiful grandson of ours was here to share it with us!!

  3. Obviously he is a Costa Rican sloth.....

    1. Oh my gosh I completely forgot that this was the towel that came home with you from Costa Rica...our little sloth!!!! He's still cute!!

    2. Oh you guys are going to be in for some good food! The last time we were in Louisiana, I ate so much shrimp, I broke out. From then on it was chicken.
      Keep warm!