Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Goose Island State Park (Day 2)

Rain....what is that??? Last night and early this morning was the first time we have had any rain since we left on this epic journey on December 30th! Wow, hard to believe that isn't it? Everything is pretty well soaked this morning but luckily we have that handy, dandy huge shelter to help keep some things dry. I think that the rain and wind came from the side the shelter is on so it really protected old Euri from a lot of pounding wet!!

By noon, it started to clear up somewhat so we bundled up (as it turns out a little too much bundling up....) and went out for a ride to find the 1,000 year old massive Southern Live Oak tree. First though we had to ride past the fish cleaning station. What a sight that was!! One of the fishing guides was cleaning Black Drum fish. They looked pretty big to me. What I thought was funny was all the pelicans standing around waiting for the cast-offs!! It looked like the bird version of "fast food dining"!!

May I take your order, please??

I thought this shot looked funny with their little beady
eyes looking over at the gut bucket!!

The guide used an electric knife to fillet these Black Drum fish...

Just indescribable standing next to something so majestic!
These next four frames show the estimated timeline of
the tree's life. I found it fascinating....

No, we aren't sitting on the "Big Tree" but you can sit on the
surrounding trees, in fact they encourage it!
So, the next cool thing is that in the field near this tree is where the whooping cranes like to hang out. Pretty neat to see whooping cranes - even if it is from far away. This area basically borders on the state park. There are small neighbourhoods all around it. Very peaceful riding through here as you are never on any major roadway. We like that! Probably rode about 4 miles around trip.
This is basically right across the street from the cranes...



...and I forgot to take these two pictures yesterday!!
Nice little ranger station....
 More surrounding neighbourhoods.....

This guy is standing fishing, for almost the whole afternoon.
He is about 1 block out and is only up to his thighs in the water.
Maybe he should just go in this boat!!!
Now, this will get you places!!




Apparently, most of this bay is about 2-4 feet deep, and that is it!!
You could almost walk clear across it!

Well, you know these two!!


When I turn around from facing the van, this is our view!!
Pretty nice, huh?!!

Still, there are "housekeeping" chores to be done!! 





We really love it here. It is so peaceful and we have decided to stay on another day. That means we won't leave here until Thursday morning. Who can resist this place?!! 
I have been calling this "Fulton" but I believe the park is actually closer to Lamar, TX. If you are looking for it on a map, that is where it closest to. In the official state park guide, it actually lists the address as Rockport, but that is down the highway. I will try and find out from a ranger-type of person tomorrow!!
We hope everyone had a great start to their week ...tomorrow is "hump-day"!!

Thought for the Day: Today, I dedicate this to all our friends out there. There isn't a single one of you that this doesn't pertain to. You are all important in our lives! We have shared so many laughs with you all!!

Many thanks to our great friend, Cindy Ewing, for sharing this!!

.....I may not be the most important person in your life. I just hope that when you hear my name, you smile and say "That's my friend"


  1. A wonderful post! When you feel happy to be somewhere you should stay another day or two. Relax, take in the sights and enjoy. Great pix.

  2. Really enjoy going on your adventures. I check the map quite often just to see where you are. Wish it would warm up for you.