Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Goose Isl State Park to Port O'Connor (60 Miles)


Yes, yes, I know. After saying that we loved it at Goose Island and were going to stay another day, we were also surprised that we left. Don't get me wrong, we did love it there. However, in the night a huge, gale force wind moved in and never let up. It was pretty much going to stay that way for a few days. Actually, the next 2 days anywhere around the Houston area are looking fairly grim. Cold, windy and generally nasty. Believe me, the people who live in this area are also surprised at the weather and we have heard time and time again how this is the "worst weather to hit this area in 40 years".....40 years?? Oh, also, the loonie valuation vs. the US dollar is dropping off the map faster than the temperatures around here. Combined with the cold weather, that is really helping our trip out lots too!! YIKES!!!!! 

Now, back to Port O'Connor. We really aren't that much further away from Goose Island but with the winds like they were, we couldn't even go out on the bikes at the state parks. A most unpleasant ride that would have been! So, we made the decision to move on to Port O'Connor. It is still terribly windy here, a bit like Lethbridge in Southern Alberta, only worse. We are about 1 mile from the water here. That has helped the wind break a bit but not much.We drove down through the town before we settled in and there are big whitecaps on the water here too. The upside here is that I just finished 4 loads of laundry!

Bye-bye Goose Island....
Great spot!!!!

We took Hwy 35 and then went right at Hwy 185 to get to Port O'Connor...
Pretty quiet but, again, I was glad Doug was driving.
The wind was pushing us all over!!
This is what I found out about Port O'Connor....

"A wonderful oasis on the Texas Gulf coast. Long considered "The Best Kept Secret on the Gulf Coast", Port O’Connor is now known world-wide for fishing, hunting, birding, kayaking and the peaceful lifestyle enjoyed by those who have discovered the jewel of the Secret Coast."

So, there you have it!  We quite enjoyed our little tour through town. Some super nice houses. We thought it funny because the First National Bank is the largest building in town!!Seems to be quite the holiday get-away area. Sorry, I digress. Here is the tour of Port O'Connor today.  

The obligatory town water tower.....

Stopped for a few essentials at the only grocery store in town. You can certainly
tell this is fishing country. Look at the line-up of ice chests, plus there are the same on the other side of the store. I think there are more ice chests than people here!! (Oh, also paid $10.49 for a 200' roll of aluminum foil. I think, maybe that is a bit high priced!!)

Now, these houses are ready for a storm surge!! 

Now, I thought we would be a bit more protected here. There is just a
smidge of land out there. Apparently only visible on my map!!

Yup, bring on the highest tide you can!!

A nice mix of old and new houses but most seem in holiday mode.

Notice the direction of the palm fronds???


We are staying at Port O'Connor RV Park ( Darrell, the owner is a very welcoming guy and was extremely happy to see us. He started the park about 5 years ago. He put in all the services and he has done an A+ job of it too. It's still a gravel/grass RV park but we have been in lots of those and this is really nice. Also, we appreciate the little touches like a picnic table at our site! Plus, he gets top marks for the private bathrooms (that have rain shower heads and huge tiled shower stalls) It's nice having a private room, almost like being in your own home again! Oh, also, the laundry has 4 washers & 4 dryers in tip top condition and it is spotlessly clean through. When you have to rely on the public laundry rooms, you come to appreciate them when they are clean! Many thanks to him for such care in the little details that make these little places such a pleasure to stay in. But, the best part is the lighting fast WIFI. Oh my gosh, does that make a difference to us travellers!
I know, looks like a plain little spot but it is close to the bathroom and we
do have that handy fence for a bit of a wind break...

Front window view. Not quite as nice as yesterday!

Amenities building. Nice touches like all the nice wicker furniture...


Star studded laundry room!!

Nice pool & hot tub area. To my immediate right (out of the photo), I noticed that 3 or 4 of the nice chairs had blown over because of the wind!

Tucked in safe and sound. Pretty quiet here.
Neighbours on either side of us do not seem to be around.
So, that's us for today. Wish us luck tonight because it is supposed to get below freezing here tonight. (Oh brother....what the heck???). I am fairly confident that we will be moving on tomorrow, inching ever closer to the Houston area, wearing every stitch of clothing we brought to keep warm!! Not sure where the next stop will be but we have a few options and a few ideas up our sleeves for entertainment in the Houston area. But, you will have to wait for those details!!
Thought for the Day: Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional....One of Doug's favourite phrases....


  1. Hi,

    Here in the lower mainland it is -2C and blowing with crazy wind. Strange how you guys have kind of the same thing that much farther south. Still, I'd rather be in your shoes. Keep posting and I'll keep reading.

  2. I love the looks of the town. Where is the sun? It's -5 now in Nanaimo and supposed to stay like this for awhile. My furnace is actually blowing out some heat. Keep warm!

  3. So glad we didn't pick this winter to tour the southern U.S....feeling for you guys! It's bound to get better, because it's unlikely to get worse.