Monday, 17 February 2014

Breaux Bridge LA (Day 2)

I got nothin' for ya!!! I mean, seriously, I have nothing to report. We stayed here all day and passed the time away doing not a darn thing!! Well, to be fair, we played Scrabble and Doug beat me again. I am not sure why this is happening! I have counted back to ALL the games we have played and he is up 11 to 6 on me. I am pretty bummed out about it and I will begin reading that Scrabble dictionary for pleasure so I can hope to beat him eventually!! For my own "feather in my cap" I have beat him in the last 2 Crib tournaments we have played so that's something I guess!!!

It's plenty peaceful here Just the comings and goings of the other campers (mostly tow vehicles on the big rigs) taking off for sight-seeing I suppose. Oh, and the occasional cuss words coming from some of the workmen here repairing the water line for the second time in as many days. A bit dicey for those of us that rely on the bathrooms. Seems it's all good, finally! We rode the bikes around and just got off Skype with Josh, Kathy & Gus. That was truly the highlight of the day for sure!!

Plans for the upcoming days include the following. On Tuesday we are heading to Avery Island to the Tabasco plant tour. Check all those little (or big) bottles of Tabasco in your refrigerators everyone, yes, indeed, that is where we are going. Should be pretty interesting. They say that the only charge is $1 each to get "on the island". We will let y'all know!!

Wednesday we have a swamp boat tour lined up. Now, this is not the "air-boat/everglade" style boat, but a regular, low profile boat for the swamp. Apparently, the big everglade boats are pretty noisy and they tend to scare a lot of the wildlife away. This one is a quiet, small boat with swivel seats so you can see lots of things. Super excited about this tour too!!

So, I think I will just close with a photo of our favourite little guy and call it a day.

Hello Grandpa & that you???
Thought for the Day: Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn't smile back.    


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    1. Thanks Peter and thanks for always checking in!!

  2. It looks to me as if we might be "ships passing in the night" soon. Right now we are camping at the Palmetto Island State Park just south of where you are. The fee here is $17.00 the first night and $11.00/night thereafter. Weekends have a 2 day minimum.

    I love the swing. No swings here, but wild hogs, armadillos, birds and allagators are someplace as well as 2 bears at night that check out the dumpsters. Your place sounds quite nice too. Do you need a LA fishing license?

    1. Wow, you are pretty close!! We leave here on Friday morning and head to Jude City RV Park in New Orleans for Fri, Sat & Sun. If you are staying right here at Poche's you do not need a license. Not sure of anywhere else though....