Thursday, 20 February 2014

Breaux Bridge LA (Day 5)

As predicted, we stayed here all day and got 3 loads of laundry done and went for a walk. We met some really nice people that came in for a manufacturers “jamboree”. Tonight we are nestled amongst 5 or 6 HUGE fifth wheels. We look like the little kid and we would be happy to stay through the weekend as they are doing some kind of regional food fest and we have been “unofficially” adopted by some of them. Darn it anyway!!! Oh, also (Bob & Danna) we are surrounded by 7 Schnauzers in 3 different rigs!! Go figure!! Every colour and size you can imagine!!


Seems a titch crowded now that the jamboree folks have arrived!!
apparently, next weekend there are about 85-90 people coming in for a HUGE meeting.
They are totally full next weekend here at Poche's!
Weather man predicted rain this afternoon and boy, did he ever deliver, In the form of wind (which we had all night and morning), rain and the most amazing lighting and thunder ever. It lit up the ponds and fields all around us. Now, true to form, it has almost stopped but everything is sopping wet. Oh well, it’s still warm and everything should dry by the time we are ready to leave in the morning.


So, of course, we started happy hour a bit earlier than normal!!

....but Doug wasn't quite so happy after doing all the "household" bills!!!
So later, “we” (you know that means Doug, right?) barbequed alligator and pork sausages. Pretty neat to have. Tasted just like big old pork sausages with some nice spices but still neat to have said we had alligator on the BBQ!!

....only in the south, you say???



Funny story this evening….I ran over in the storm to go to the “ladies room” (no, that is not the funny part of the story!). As I was flushing the toilet, I looked over by the toilet paper dispenser and spied a little friend. Now, usually Doug and I are both pretty good at watching out for "wildlife" in the restrooms (well, this is swamp country, you know!!) but every once in a while, they catch us off guard. Like this little guy did tonight. I must admit, I kinda screamed…”Holy sh--, you scared the hell out of me…” He seemed completely unfazed by this. I ran and got the camera (I mean what else would I do??)…..and Doug and we took a few pictures before he walked away down the wall to safety (in the washroom??) Guess there was even too much thunder, lighting and rain even for him!! When we returned for teeth brushing, there was also a creamy, orangey coloured salamander/gecko little fellow. Also, I suppose, taking refuge from the rains!!

As I write this, it is about 10:00 p.m. The storm that we thought had subsided has now returned with even more force and the van is rocking with the wind and thunder and lighting are all around us with pounding rain......Thanks for checking in. Maybe you could check again in the morning to ensure that we haven't washed backwards into the fish pond here at old site #4.

Sorry not to have much more interesting to report. Sometimes even life on the road is just “regular” life with paying bills, laundry, etc.!!!
Tomorrow we leave for New Orleans. We are pretty stoked about that. When we were planning this trip, way back in the fall, New Orleans was on our radar and we knew we would go there. Just seems a bit surreal that tomorrow is that day!! We are going to Jude City RV Park. It is a mere 5 miles from Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. Stay tuned for those posts!!
Thought for the day: Rain rain go away...come again another day!!!


  1. Great post, not boring at all! Love the little critters. Looking forward to New Orleans!

    1. Thanks Peter. New Orleans should be fun!!

  2. Hi Guys, Love all the are having a great adventure complete with wild animals! Miss you .......I think you are having more rain than we are!
    Love You Lots
    Danna and Bob

    1. Boy, last night after posting did we have rain - the likes of which we haven't seen for a long time!! Miss you guys too!!