Saturday, 11 January 2014

Yuma AZ to Oasis CA-Salton Sea (148 miles)

We re back!!!

Oh brother!! Well, we left Yuma this morning and arrived back here at Oasis Palms RV Park this afternoon, just in time for their annual Chili Cook-off competition. First though a few things to mention.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Kirsty in Medicine Hat, AB. Kirsty (gosh I hope I am spelling her name right!) is our nephew Kyle Beglaw's fiancée. She is hard at work in college and is just months away from becoming a teacher!! Way to go Kirsty!!

Hope you had a great day today and we hope Kyle took you out for dinner!!

So, I believe most of you have now stopped laughing at us leaving our rug behind here at the Oasis Palms RV Park when we left for Yuma. Yup, we are here again and happy for it and we have our beloved mat back!! We can only get this particular roll-up mat at GoWesty in California (at the coast, way far away) so we really wanted to come back and retrieve it. We have adopted a new "walk around the van" policy when we are leaving so this doesn't happen again!! Lesson learned and enough said about that!!
I think I have also said enough about the crappy park we were at in Yuma. You cannot run a park and never do maintenance or upkeep on the facilities and expect people to come or to recommend it. We would NOT recommend Southern Mesa RV Park. We did actually enjoy Yuma (for the little bit we saw) and I tried to show that part. Please, do come to Yuma if that is your thing but since there are hundreds of parks to go to, try somewhere else. Just our opinion and since it's my blog....there you go!!  Just a photo, here is the sign in the ladies washroom, which by all accounts and by the report on the door had NOT been cleaned since December 1st!!!
Still a good drive back and it went really fast. Here is a picture of the border patrol station about 1 hour south of here. It is set up with all kinds of infared cameras when you go through and then they either sic the dogs on you (kidding) or wave you through.

Pretty dry - even northbound!!

Pretty much like Baja North in Mexico with the huge boulders too!!

Doug came up with this great idea for holding extra clean water for us so
we never miss an opportunity to fill up the 5 gallon container for $1.50 then he just dumps it in our holding tank for good clean drinking water.....No need to buy bottled water now!!
So, here's a funny story about living in this van. It gets cold right now. I mean pretty darn cold at night and with only our little 6 inch square heater we are chilly, especially at night. Now, VW's come with snap in curtains for the front large window that wraps around to the passenger window buy frankly it's a pain in the butt. Uses up a lots of cupboard space and really encloses in the front space. So, last year we came up with this fairly bright idea of using a sunshade for the front window (you know the kind you buy at the automotive store to keep the sun out). Plus we bought some hot water tank insulation material, which is basically bubble wrap with aluminum coating (like the sunshades) and cut out a pattern to fit our front driver and passenger windows. Voila. Worked perfectly and we can travel with them in the top when the roof is down so they are totally out of the way. Well, back to the cold part. So we decided to use the same product to make fitted pieces for the inside and front of the canvas roof when it is popped up. I think we have come up with something brilliant. Either that or people will think we are REALLY weird and afraid of, I don't know, radiation or something. Now the inside of the van looks like it is a foil pan!! BUT.....we think it will hold in the warmth. I will let you know in a few days if this experiment works (Doug saw this same thing advertised somewhere only it was quilted fabric and cost about $350 so we figure our $40 investment in the hot water tank liner will be well worth it!! Again, when we have to travel, we simply take them out and store them in the top bunk. Check it out:
Well, we don't have a lot of tools so you have to use a broom for a straight edge....

This is the front part when the roof is up from the inside.
See what I mean by a foil pan??!! 
Oasis Palms RV Park...... Love this park here. Anne & Mike do an amazing job and they have lots of people coming back year after year. It reminds us of Hacienda Contreras in Valle de Juarez, MX. Sometimes it's not the actual park but the people in it that make it great, this is no exception.
As I mentioned above they had a chili cook-off today. Many people have arrived here just for this event. They weren't here when we left just 2 days ago so it was fun to see the action!! So there were 8 pots of chili (Well, actually you will see 9 here but the manager, Anne didn't count her chili. She just wanted to make sure there was enough chili to go around. Really a good event. Everyone else brought something else to contribute. 

Actually, there were lots more people than this picture shows, probably about 30.
The first one we tasted and thought was really, really good turned out to be the winner!!
As always, it takes a lot or organizing and we thank Anne & Mike for the hospitality.
Come and stay at this park, just south of Indio CA on Hwy 86 at 81st Avenue.
Well, that's it for us. We will stay here until Monday morning. Think tomorrow we will just enjoy the surroundings and chill out. You know, those date shakes are just a few miles up the road.....wonder if I could ride my bike?? Oh, speaking of bikes. We figured out that we rode 13 kms the other day on our run around here!! Pretty good for two out of shape people like us, huh??
Thought for the day: The most wasted of all days is the one without laughter....E.E.Cummings

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