Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tulare CA to Oasis-Salton Sea CA (326 miles)

Got started at our usual 10 a.m. this morning...(don't worry, if we actually have to make good time, we will get going earlier!) Everyone who knows us knows that we are a "tad" slow on the morning departure thing. Like I said, if it really matters, we will set the alarm!!

Doug and I have a 2-3 hour driving rule then we switch drivers. This works out really well. You can drive all day and never get fatigued. It has been great for us too because, in the past, Doug has generally done most of the driving. He is now quite happy to sit in the passenger seat while I drive so he can play with the GPS, look out the window, take pictures (upon my prodding) and generally just enjoy watching the world go by. Case in point:

Some people just should not be allowed control of the camera!!
This is what he looks like, for the most part, when I am driving.....

But, to be fair, he is starting to develop a good eye for photos. Take a look at this next one. If he tried, he could NOT have centered this Chevy Avalanche any better in the frame if he
tried!! But, he was actually trying to get the orange grove and didn't even see the truck coming!!
It was a bit of a boring, freeway commute for the most part today. However, it did move us quickly through one area into another. We didn't really want to spend too much time in California anyway. Oh my gosh, the camping prices on the coast!!! Outrageous!!!! The route we took was Hwy 99 to Hwy 58 to Hwy 395 to Hwy 15 to Hwy 215 to Hwy 10 and Hwy 86...Phew!! It is 4 lanes pretty much the whole way. Even for us we travel at 60-65 mph.  Hwy. But, I must say, California needs to do some garbage patrol on Hwy 58. Pretty bad litter everywhere. It is a bit of an industrial area, as shown below, but I think not too much excuse for this much litter. We were a bit surprised! Get Barack Obama on the phone please!!!!!  



It was super hazy/foggy/smoggy most of the way until we started going higher into the San Bernadino Mtns. then we lifted out of it all. We weren't sure what we were driving through. It wasn't smoke as there was no smell. I think the highest summit you reach is about 4,700 ft.



Then you end up on Hwy 10 (which would take you through to Phoenix) and cruise such great small, well-known cities as Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City (where our friends, George & Brenda live) Once on this highway, you see loads of windmills for power generation. I love them and I know, I take pictures each time I go through here....sorry!!


Oh, just a little reminder of who rides along with us......
Note to parents: Could use a few new pictures!!

So here we are at Oasis Palms RV Resort on the Salton Sea. We are in a "town" called Oasis but we cannot get the GPS to bring it up. We are just south of Coachella and just a smidge north of Desert Shores. Again, we are on our Passport America membership so nightly rate is a wonderful $12.50 with electric. Super happy about that. Looks like we may chill out here tomorrow and may even stay on a few extra days. We will have to pack up the van to go on a sight-seeing tour but that likely won't be until Wednesday. Gotta love cheap digs when you find them. The ONLY draw-back is that we are about 1/2 block from the highway and there is pretty much constant noise. Some people apparently come here and stay until March! Doug met a fellow who is here from Colorado and he has been here since November!! Still, the oranges are ripe and we have been instructed by the nice lady at the desk, Anna, to pick whatever we want.....

Hot tub just may get a test tomorrow!!
It was 26 C (82 F) when we arrived this afternoon at 4 p.m.
Yup, oranges right in our campsite!!

 Wine is poured and crockpot dinner is ready!

From us to you all.....Good night and have a great Monday!!
Thought for the day: Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life...


  1. Ha, classic pic of Doug.

    RV Resort huh? Not a bad price though. Enjoy!

    1. Well, resort is a bit of an over-statement since we are parked on grass and dirt and I rechecked the sign and it is actually Oasis RV Park but nice at $12.50 with power and water, thanks to Passport America!! Nice people who run it too!