Saturday, 18 January 2014

Tombstone AZ (Day 2)

As promised, we got out to see more of Tombstone today. Was a nice, bright day and a slightly cool high 60's to low 70's. We are okay with that but LOVE for it to be hotter!! I think though, for us without a furnace, the near freezing temps at night are a bit tough but, hey, that's what you get with high mountain desert!

First stop was the Boothill Graveyard area. Now, of course, they are happy for you to give a $3 "donation". For that you get a map of the cemetery. We declined the map and just wandered about. Pretty interesting. Lots of killings in the 1880-1882's. Hangings, murders, etc. Pretty nasty and violent time. Obviously, the grave markers have been re-done over time (probably many times over) still, it is weird to know that they are all "down there underneath" somewhere......

Not sure about the lady in the front.....she didn't move the whole time!

Oooops, this fellow was hanged by mistake!!


This is the communal grave of the men involved in the OK Corral shootout in 1881.
Frank McLaury, Tom McLaury and Billy Clanton
Interesting story on this guy, John Wesley Heath. He masterminded a robbery but did not take part in it, in the nearby town of Bisbee. Apparently a pregnant woman was shot and killed in the bank/store. He went to the courthouse in Tombstone and confessed that he had been the brains and told the authorities who the robbers were (thus saving his own neck - or so he thought).They caught and hung the 4 robbers. However, the people of Bisbee were outraged that he had arranged for himself a life in prison in Yuma and before he was transported, they stormed the jail and hung him up on a telephone pole, right in front of his lawyers house, just down the street from the gallows where his buddies still swung....Wow, that's vigilante justice at it's quickest!!  You can actually Google his name and see photos of him hanging on the pole. I won't put them here though - mixed audience you know!!
Imagine, Mrs. Lum coming all the way from China to Tombstone!!
What a voyage, wrought with peril, that would have been!!
...and overlooking the graveyard, the Trading Post and an old hearse.
We then walked back up to town, past Wyatt Earp's house and his plastic horse. Honestly, I thought these guys rode real horses!! We made our way to the OK Corral to pick-up our tickets for the show. It also included a movie about the history. Pretty interesting. You also got free tickets to see the local newspaper shop and bring home a copy of the Tombstone paper the day after the killing. All this for $10 each. 
"Schieffelin Hall is the largest standing adobe structure still existent in the US southwest. It was built in 1881 by Albert Schieffelin, brother of Tombstone founder Ed Schieffelin and William Harwood as a first class opera house theater, recital hall, and a meeting place for Tombstone citizens. Edward Lawrence Schieffelin (1847–1897) was an Indian scout and prospector who discovered silver in the Arizona Territory which led to the founding of Tombstone, AZ. He partnered with his brother Al and mining engineer Richard Gird in a handshake deal that produced millions of dollars in wealth for all three men. During the course of Tombstone's mining history, about US $85,000,000 in silver was produced from its mines."
.....Funny thing though is that most of the notoriety for Tombstone came from the big gunfight at the OK Corral and not the huge mining success of the first pioneers!!
Anyway, lots of fun in the store windows in town.....
...nuff said!!
Inside the little theatre, there were so many old movie posters about this era! 
One of them even had Ronald Reagan (remember him??) as one of the actors!
Then we wandered around the OK Corral grounds (which are pretty small) and looked at all their displays before the gunfight was staged.
In the bunkhouse.....

Called a Piano Box Buggy....Did you know that they nick-named these sleek carriages "buggies" because they went pretty fast and when they stopped, they found
there were all sorts of bugs on the dashboard?? .....Who knew?!!

Who says they did not have "indoor" plumbing?
The little set for the gunfight....
And soon, all the guys on the right are "dead" Wyatt Earp, Morgan & Virgil Earp and
Doc Holliday are all safe on the left....
Lunch in Big Nose Kate's saloon (Doc Holliday's girlfriend) in the original Grand Hotel!
I don't know why but there are several cow heads on the walls.
Guess it was a "good" cow!! Made a good steak anyway......couldn't resist, sorry!!
Apparently this flag is from April 26, 1870

So, that was our day. Pretty fun. One of the ladies that checked us into the park, Dianna from Portland, stays here about 5-7 months per year with her husband David. They both don period costumes and walk up and down the streets and entertain people with their antics. Apparently, she entertained Doug with her antics here at the park too....nudge, nudge, wink, wink!!!

Thanks, Dianna, for all your helpful advice!!
...and yes, it is probably true!!!
We leave here tomorrow and drive south on Hwy 80 to the Douglas border crossing that goes into Mexico, then head up north and east on Hwy 80 again and pick-up Interstate 10, just on the New Mexico side. We are planning an overnight stop in Deming, about 50 miles west of Las Cruces. We will have to by-pass Albuquerque and Santa Fe as the weather is not supposed to be nice during the day and down near freezing at night. As I said above, travelling in a van without a furnace isn't much fun when it gets that cold! Oh well, you can't see everything and when we started this we knew we would have to change gears occasionally. (Sorry Kathy Beglaw, I will have to come up with yet ANOTHER city to send that calendar to instead of Santa Fe - please ignore this afternoon's email!). After the Las Cruces area, we will head east towards Roswell and then down towards the Carlsbad Caverns. Apparently they are very interesting. Only problem is that we can't camp right there in the state park....We will figure it out....eventually!
Thought for the day: May I live to be so old that my driving terrifies people!

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  1. Wow, what a fun visit to Tombstone. Love the photos. Talked with Betty last night and she said that there are no facilities at the city park either. But, there are good RV parks in Lafayette (about 20 miles north of here) and New Iberia ( about the same distance east or west or is it south of here?). She'd love to have you visit though. I'm now planning to stay until the 6th of February in case you get to this neck of the woods. Then I'll be heading to Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and then north when the weather is better in Georgia and the Carolinas.