Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Roswell NM to Carlsbad NM (76 Miles)

First of all, we survived the night last night!! That, in it's self, is a miracle!!

Temperatures got down to a very chilly -10 C (14 F). Now, having lived in Alberta where temps can regularly dip into the -30 C to -40 C range in winters, we know that the temps here aren't all that bad, but we actually have never camped in these cold conditions, ever. When we bought the van, we scoffed at the very idea of EVER needing a sleeping bag that was rated -7 C. But, indeed that is what we bought. Perish the thought that ANYONE would be stupid enough to camp in that type of temperature. Well we did and we lived to tell the tale!! This morning, we basically got up and packed up and headed into McDonalds in Roswell to warm up. The water lines in the van are frozen. Even though Doug emptied the drain bag for the sink last night, the little 1 inch in it was also frozen. As well as the drain tube going into the bag. Oh brother!!! Gotta laugh at some of these situations that we put ourselves in, right?

Remember what I said the other day? Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure!...and we really did have a good attitude this morning. And now we have hot coffee in us and we are feeling even better!! Time for the next leg of this trip!! 

That frost is on the INSIDE, circa 8:00 a.m.
It is a very short trip down to Carlsbad. Seems to be a pretty nice little town, although we won't stay long enough to really see much of it. We are at Carlsbad RV Campground. Pretty much just a city outskirts park, here for years. The bathrooms are clean and I have already finished 3 loads of laundry. That was pretty important for me (well, I guess us!!). It isn't much to look at, especially right now in the winter with the trees all bare and the grass dead, but sometimes you can't have the beauty of a State or National Park at your every stop. This is one of convenience.
Seems to be some oil and gas exploration along the way.
See what I mean by looking like southern Alberta?


Not fancy but tidy and sometimes that is just good enough!

A girl's gotta have some fun, right?
Pretty busy park. We figure that it is mostly workers that
stay here. Lots of heavy duty pick-up trucks, with extra gas tanks in the back and "work" related things around the trailers. At least 8 or 10 trucks have come in in the
last 20 minutes or so and they all have just one guy in them..... 
This is one of those awkward legs of the trip where you can't go too far one day or you will miss something grand! Carlsbad Caverns is about 12 miles down the highway and then you turn into the park entrance and it is another 7 miles in. We are sure looking forward to seeing it tomorrow! Looks to be spectacular. Quoted from our guide book:
Caverns development began 250 million years ago when a reef formed along the edge of an inland sea. The sea eventually evaporated and left the reef buried under deposits of gypsum and salt. Then 20 to 30 million years later, the Guadalupe Mtns were lifted up thousands of feet above sea level, fracturing the ancient reef. Rainwater came down from the surface and mixed with hydrogen sulfide rich brine from local oil and gas deposits to form sulphuric acid. This very strong acid carved out the large rooms and passageways that exist today...
There is your science lesson for the day. There will be a test tomorrow. Please ensure you all study up!! We are pretty stoked to see these caves!!
Well, that is it. It is looking to be another VERY cold night ahead. Our water line in the van did not ever completely thaw out. We will have to just pour water out of our 5 gallon jug inside. Keep warm everyone and think about us!!
Thought for the Day: The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.

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