Friday, 17 January 2014

Oro Valley AZ to Tombstone AZ (121 Miles)

Wow - posting from the same's a miracle!!

We weren't in a hurry to leave Catalina State Park today as we only had a couple of hours of travel time. Absolutely beautiful countryside after you get off Hwy 10 (interstate) then you go on Hwy 83 through Sonoita, Hwy 82, then Hwy 80 right into Tombstone. Pretty sure this is the same route Doc Holliday would have rode too!! It is pretty much cattle ranching country. Once you leave the pesky interstate, the road climbs up to about 1555 Meters (5100 ft) and goes through some of the prettiest country I have seen in a long time. Anyway, picture time. Doug was the road photographer and he did a great job!!


Not too far off Hwy 10 and already the scenery has improved!!  


Pretty much at the top....

Just past the town of Sonoita


Loved this mountain!!

Okay, so this is us tonight. We are at Stampede RV Park. It's an older park but it's comfy and very welcoming and we can walk into town, as it is right in the heart of Tombstone. Thanks Sue & Mo for the very clean bathrooms and laundry facilities. We sure appreciate that on this trip!! Oh, and the hospitality was great too!! Many thanks. Looking forward to our stay!!


Bathroom laundry building - old but clean!!

Back driveway.....

We walked into town this afternoon for a little while. Pretty much what we expected but cool because of the history. There are lots of little houses that have historic signs in them saying whose house it used to be. I will show you a few pictures and then we will do more tomorrow.

The bank, set up like an old bank with the proper windows....



Wanna a cow skull??
I would take one but it might be a bit hard to store!!

They closed off 3 blocks of the main street for walking (or horse & carriage) only







Inside the Bird Cage Theatre (which was also a brothel).
You can see the original steps on the right side that led up to the brothel rooms.
Unfortunately to see anymore of this establishment,
you have to pay $10 each to go in the back... 

 The original bar at the Birdcage Theatre. 

 Our original feet.....

Barb & Sal - This is for you guys!!
There were lots of fancier horses, but you know how we LOVE our donkeys!!
Buskers in town - something for everyone that's for sure...

Like I said, something for everyone!!

The Courthouse.
We have not gone inside yet. We will save that for tomorrow (Saturday)
Julie from Oracle AZ - We thought of you!!

Beautiful building....
Well, looks pretty interesting or Saturday. We will take in one of the gun shoot-out shows at the OK Corral that Doug has investigated. It is supposed to be one of the best in town. Apparently, all the gunfighters are real life stunt men. Unfortunately with Tombstone, like many towns, there seems to be a charge to go and see lots of things. We always manage to find things to do that don't cost much or anything for that matter.
So, goodnight from historic old Tombstone AZ. Us, Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday will all see you tomorrow! Have an awesome Friday night everyone!!
Thought for the Day: I found this in a window and thought it appropriate for today!!


  1. Yes, he could be - still wrong, that is! Looks like a fun place to visit. How's the temperature?

    1. It is fun but for us, a little on the touristy side. Still, the history is fascinating! Temps are in the low 70's and sunny. But you know us, we like it warmer!!

  2. I always try to negotiate the price at brothels, $10 seems like a little high for what you might get.