Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Oasis CA-Salton Sea to Fountain Hills AZ (279 Miles)

Late post from Monday Jan 13th

We departed from Oasis Palms RV Park yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m. Anne & Mike manage a great park there and we hope everyone who is in the area will come by and see them. They couldn’t have done more to make us and all the other campers feel at home. Come and check them out at http://oasispalmsrvpark.com. Thanks for a great time guys!!With most of these parks, we have found it is the people like Anne & Mike who are the heart and soul of these parks. 

The first 45 minutes of our drive took us through the glorious Box Canyon Road. This road eventually leads you up to Interstate 10 (eastbound to Phoenix). It was an absolutely amazing drive. In the entire 45 minutes we only had one other vehicle come towards us. We pulled over several times to take pictures and for almost all of the time you are surrounded by (surprise here….) the high canyon walls. In the morning, the colours are spectacular but the camera really doesn’t show it off to it’s best. Oh well, enjoy our pictures……




Interesting rig in Quartsite AZ while we were filling up!!
Saw one of my favourite signs again today. Yup, not kidding!! All on one sign…….

 Do Not pick up Hitchhikers

We stopped at a rest stop and happened to see an open car hauler that was, no doubt, heading for the Barrett Jackson Auction. We will watch for the big Lincoln, which is one of Doug’s favourite types of cars. We had quite a few enclosed 53’ vans pass us on the way in (well hey, we don’t go too fast you know!) that were specialized car haulers. Pretty neat!! Especially neat since we will be there Tuesday.

Doug's dream car!!

We had a bit of trouble with our GPS today. Well, it was trouble with the actual GPS settings that we had programmed in. You see, the Garmin has 3 different types of formats to set for your GPS and we had the wrong format so it took us about 50 miles out of our way. I figured that it was ringing us around the city from the south and by the time we figured out what was wrong we had to back track. Oh well. Good thing we had no schedule.  
One of the nearby mountains.....


We were VERY fortunate to arrive at McDowell Mtn. Regional Park at about 3 p.m. and got one of the last 3 sites that were available. We actually got this one for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with electrical. It is pretty important to us to get electric whenever we can as we need it for our fridge and heater (at this point).  SUPER excited about this park. It is one of the top rated mountain biking parks in the U.S.A. Not that we are big mountain biking people but it just makes for a beautiful, desert park with a myriad of hiking trails. There are actually over 40 miles of hiking and mountain bike trails, 13 miles of them are competitive. The RV spaces are amazingly well set up and spaced really far apart. We are surrounded by the beautiful mountains and hills. Sunset was beautiful and now there is a full moon out. Take a look at our initial pictures. More will follow on our full day here on Wednesday.
We will go to Barrett Jackson on Tuesday and then still have Wednesday to enjoy the park.


Moonlight smokies on the grill!!

Don't want to be late with this so a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to our niece,
Alannah Nichols. She is busy at University of Victoria studying to be a Psychologist!
(Trying to figure out her family I guess!!)
It is her birthday on Tuesday Jan 14th!!    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

That’s about all for us today. Good drive with a few minor navigation problems but you have to expect that from time to time. We have finished dinner and a game of Scrabble. Yes, Doug won again.  Never mind that……

Remember, we won't have a post on Wednesday but will we update everyone on Thursday!! 


Thought for the Day: The secret is to listen to more music and less advice. 

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  1. Beautiful. For me it's important to listen more and GIVE less advice! Still anxious to find out if you're going to be in Louisiana while I'm still here??