Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Oasis CA-Salton Sea (Day 4)

Yes, we are still here!! Today we spent the day in the camp just doing maintenance things. Translate that into Doug working his butt off and me "trying" to look busy. I never quite got there, but to be fair I did a few things inside the van.

First, Doug washed Euri, which is no small feat!!


Then, he had to figure out how to put on Euri's swanky new black bra!! Doug had to throw out the old bra last summer and we have been missing it ever since. So much easier to pick the bugs off (well, at least that's what he tells me anyway!!) It was quite a tug and pull job to get it to fit and it's a bit different from the last one. This one covers even the front bumper.
Funny story before the pictures. When Doug ordered this bra, it came up to Blaine (to our post box) from California. We picked it up and went back through the Canadian border. When the guard asked what we were bringing back Doug said "A black vinyl bra...." The guard leaned forward and looked at me and said "For her?????. Ha ha ha, we laughed it was for the van. He let us through although come to think of it, I don't think he even cracked a smile. Some people have zero sense of humour!!
Gotta warm your bra up in the sun before putting it on, am I right ladies??


Now, this is a classy looking rig, huh??
Back at home, I managed to figure out how to make us a bug screen. Remember, I told you I would show you the pictures? Well, here they are. Turned out pretty good, if I must say so myself! The only thing I need to buy is some picnic table clip on weights to hold it down at the bottom in a breeze.
You can see that I did it in 2 sections.  I cut each piece about 31" x 60", sewed wide trim tape on all the edges then overlapped them and stitched them together at the top.
Looking from the inside to outside....

We used sticky Velcro along the top edge to attach it.
That way, it is super easy to just take down when we don't need it.
Now you just push your way through the curtain....
It never gets old for us to be able to just go and pick citrus fruit. The owners here, Anne, Mike & Ryan said to pick whatever we wanted. We have enjoyed all the citrus fruits and thank them so much for allowing that. We now have on board 5 ruby red grapefruit, 1 dozen oranges, 6 tangerines and 1 lemon!!
Picking some Ruby Reds!!
That's our part of the park. We are way down at the end
on the right but I don't think you can really see us.
Just to orient you, the Salton Sea is about 2 miles behind me....
So, a bit off topic and just an observation. There is a gentleman and his wife that are parked right across from us. They are from Colorado and have been here since November. Guess they like to avoid those cold Colorado winters. The first few minutes we were here, the gentleman said hi to Doug and in their ensuing conversation, he mentioned that his wife had dementia. Apparently she has her good days and bad but still enjoys travelling in the motorhome. I couldn't help but think this is the unsung hero of our times. I can't even imagine the burden on him to do everything in the travel day and take care of her but still he does it and smiles all the time. They walk around holding hands. He takes her out in their car even though some days she is really quite vacant and only a shadow of the woman he always has loved. Pretty sad and sobering, at the same time. However, she has a quick smile and an even quicker wave hello but it is hard (...Doug says as he has spoken with her) to follow her in a conversation. So, this is my homage to him (....and we don't even know his name) and thanks for reminding us what a deep, long-lasting love and total devotion looks like. 
And that's it for us. We will be leaving here tomorrow and heading for Yuma AZ. It is a bit funny because whenever we have mentioned that we are going to Yuma, every person without exception has turned up their nose at the very mention of the place. That makes us want to go even more. We will spend a few days seeing what it is that nobody seems to like about the place, but yet it is full at lots of the parks, lots of the time. From there, we can literally walk into Los Algadones, Mexico. We hope to get some new glasses there. Should be fun. Oh, I am sure we will probably tell you all about it!!
The drive from here to Yuma is only about 140 miles. However, we will first stop at Oasis Date Garden, just a few miles north of here to see the date picking and packing process and they are supposed to do an amazing date shake. Can hardly wait!!! 
Thought for the day: But as for me, I will always have hope (Psalm 71:14)
I dedicate this post to that amazing man and his wife across the road.


  1. You really can't walk into Algodones from Yuma. You have to drive back into California to the border crossing....about 7 to 9 miles if I remember right. I got my teeth crowned in Algodones over 6 years ago and it was a excellent job. Not one problem. Enjoy your trip. Love reading your blog.

    1. Thanks for the extra info. We will be sure to check it all out! Looking forward to it.