Saturday, 25 January 2014

Las Cruces NM (from Jan 24)

Thanks for checking in again everyone!  We enjoyed our day today. We sat up at the Visitor Centre early this afternoon and got the blog posted up. Doug had some banking to tend to, surfed the net a bit, etc. etc.

I think yesterday was a bit of a downer day for us both. It was cold, windy and not at all pleasant outside as you could see from the temperatures that I posted. For me, it was the first time that I wondered what the heck we were out here for. We are a long way from those we love and this wandering life is sometimes a bit of a challenge, especially on a day like that in a tiny, tiny small space like we have!! Maybe I notice it more when we don’t have ready internet at hand so I feel really cut-off from everyone. Not sure. I miss the familiar people and things sometimes. Don’t get me wrong, we are still having a great time. You almost have to expect this kind of day once in a little while. If you know it’s lurking out there, when it does come a-calling, you can brush it off a lot easier…..Consider it brushed off!!

After a little lunch we went and walked around on the myriad of little trails around the campground. They aren’t particularly challenging but after the cold and windy day yesterday it was nice to get some fresh air!

Great trails that are well tended!!
Not too challenging but still nice. Would be great for kids!!
Canal below the campground. The dam diverted water from the Rio Grande
into the canal for irrigation. Right now, it is a "tad" dry!!

We were talking to the ranger in the visitor centre and he mentioned that we shouldn’t ride our bikes down on the river trail because of something called “goat-heads”. He said they were like thorns on steroids. We kept looking for them and couldn’t find them. I guess we were looking for something quite large. Well, we found them when we got back to the camp alright. They were imbedded in our shoes. We took a picture, which is a bit out of focus but you can see the two prongs coming out of it. They are hard as nails and we can see why they say they will puncture a tire on a bike. We sat for quite a while pulling them out of our shoes with pliers! They are pretty small but definitely have two horns sticking out of each one. Many of those horns are now stuck in our shoes and you can only just let the tips scrape off on the concrete as you walk. Man, would they ever be hard on a dog’s paws!!! We’ll have to be careful when we pack these shoes in the shoe bag!!
As mentioned yesterday, today (Jan 25) we are heading over to Roswell and the Bottomless Lake State Park area. Our campground is called Lea Lake Recreation Area. First though, we are stopping at the ruins of Fort Selden, just down the road and then the White Sands National Monument, which is on route. It is a HUGE area of white sand, created by gypsum that was deposited at the bottom of a shallow sea about 250 million years ago. 
Anyway, I guess we will know more by the end of the day and we will report accordingly to you all, if we can!!
Do you think there are actually aliens out there?????

Thought for the Day: There are some things money can't buy, like manners, morals and intelligence.

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