Friday, 24 January 2014

Las Cruces (from Jan 23)

Sorry that I did not write a lot on the previous post. It was hard to focus on the pictures with all the people coming and going out of the visitor centre. Well….we had to visit with them all, right? I hope you enjoyed them anyway. I must say, we were a bit disappointed in the “interesting” areas of Las Cruces and Mesilla. I guess we just expected too much from each. After all, it is the “off-season” here and you can’t expect all the residents to have everything on the go this time of year.

Yesterday (Jan 23) was pretty darn chilly .It started off overcast in the morning but the clouds quickly thickened and by 4:30 pm, it had dropped to 6 C (42 F). With the wind blowing, I suspect it was even ccolder! We just hunkered down in trusty Euri and spent the afternoon cleaning out cubby storage spots and doing a few Spanish lessons. Well, at least Doug diligently did them and I listened, diligently, and tried to follow along. Believe me, after a whole afternoon in here it starts to feel quite small, cozy, but small!! There are a few people here that are in tents. I think they are just hardier than I!!
New Mexico has a great resident and non-resident program for the utilization of their state park system. If you are a resident over 62, you pay $100 annually, under 62 you pay $180 annually. With that pass, they credit you $10 per night per camping spot. The spots with electric and water only cost $14 per night. Spots with electric, water & sewer (not too many of these) cost $18 per night. Dry camping costs $10 per night. That can leave you with a really small monthly cost for camping. One stipulation is that you can stay 14 nights and then you have to move somewhere else in the system. You can come back if you like, after 6 days or just go somewhere else. Guess this stops people from “living” at a campground indefinitely. Now, if you are a non-resident (even including Canadians) you pay $225 annually with the same benefits. If you are equipped with solar (Kevin & Ruth!!) you can virtually stay for free if you pick a dry camping spot!! This park has great bathrooms (as I mentioned) and showers. Our little loop also has very nice pit toilets (new ones)…..We think it is a great opportunity to live cheaply and really enjoy New Mexico!!  
New Mexico is also one of the few state parks that has some wifi available. We have been pretty lucky with this, despite the fact that we only have it at the visitor centre (inside) and after that we have to sit outside. Not likely at 6 C!!! We will continue to see how it goes without the internet stick. Right now, we are teetering on finding something through ATT&T or Verizon.  It can’t hurt to ask anyway. We both miss the internet in the evening. I post the blog and Doug enjoys surfing the net, looking at our upcoming route along the way. Yes, the modern travellers but it is one of the few luxuries we have travelling in this rig. As I mentioned, because of the cold and windy day yesterday, we stayed in the van most of it. In the evening, the started out with crib games and, with the help of our wine, we moved onto Scrabble Flash. We laughed pretty hard at some of the words....could have been the wine, I don't know!! 
We also laughed pretty hard at this "bag" of wine. It came out of one of the boxes that was running low. When we took it out we both thought it looked like a bag of blood - yikes!!! We didn't want to waste a single drop you know!! 

Last night's temps!!
This one at -4 C was at 5:00 a.m. this morning (Friday!)
We will stay here Friday (today) and enjoy the sights around the campground. We will leave on Saturday morning and head to Roswell, which is only about 180 miles away. We are quite interested in seeing this American phenomenon of an alien visit so many years ago (Area 51). Of course, most government officials say it does not exist. We will just have some fun with it. We will be staying at Bottomless Lake State Park (Lea Lake Rec Area). Sounds like another great New Mexico campground. 
I miss the hugs from Gus. There, I said it. I will survive but it is hard to be away from such an adorable little guy! We love him so much. Here are a few new pictures to tide you (and me) over for a bit!! (Josh & Kathy – keep those pictures coming, I am running out!!)
Love you little buddy!!!
So, Saturday we head over to Roswell, New Mexico and Bottomless Lake State Park (Lea Lake Campground). We hope to get more internet there. but like always, if you don't see us up on the board it's because we can't. We'll do the best we can!!

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