Thursday, 2 January 2014

Jan 1st-Crescent City CA to Garberville CA (150 miles)

Firstly, Happy Birthday Wishes to Mary Beatty!! We hope you had an awesome day. We know you probably enjoyed your day with the Beatty clan. This picture is taken in the Oregon Dunes Nat'l Park........Hugs to you!!


We had a great dinner on New Year’s Eve.  My only criteria, as I told Doug, was that I wanted a “nice hotel” and I did NOT want to run down a highway to go to dinner……Yup, best laid plans of mice, men and Nancy. Because we decided to stay in Crescent City instead of pushing on to Eureka, we chose an “okay” hotel and YES, I did have to walk down the highway for dinner. To be fair, it was more of a joke than anything. But hey, we did not need to worry about getting a DUI charge. Maybe a WUI (walking under influence)!! Anyway, was a good dinner with my best travelling buddy.

Spooky trees along the highway!

Yup, we really "tied one on"


Doug wrestles down the seal at Ocean World!!
We left Crescent City about 9:30 a.m. Jan 1st (yesterday). It was a fairly short drive, only 150 miles so we had ample time for a bit of sight-seeing on the coast and in some of the fabulous Redwood Nat’l Parks and grocery getting.

Beautiful, foggy California coastline....

Prairie Creek Redwood State Park


Elk Prairie Camground.... 
Cool campsites and everyone of them had these metal food boxes - so neat!!

Holy cow.....I mean holy elk!!! There are some too!!
Fun day driving and we arrived just a few miles south of Gaberville (you will find us on a map on Hwy 101S, nearly on the coast across from Redding.  We stayed in Richardson's Grove Camp & RV Park. Typically, there are a few “permanents” here. We had signed up for Passport America so we got to use that and save $16.50 (50%) on our camp spot. That’s pretty sweet!! Passport America costs about $44 + $20 for the book per year. It entitles you to go into some campgrounds and use your card for 50% savings. Not all sites and not ALL the time, but we figure we will use it 3 more times and it will pay for itself.  That shouldn’t be too hard in the next number of months.

Nice spot until......

Anyway, we are all settled in (for the second time) today. Reason why I say “second time” is this. The campground is about 70% empty. We picked a spot, the one you see the picture of. We got all settled, heater on, checking on the wifi connection and we hear this BIG truck and trailer pull in and hear them saying “they are in OUR spot”. I thought, “you’ve got to be kidding” There are SO many empty spots here.  Anyway, long story short, we had to disconnect everything and move about 100 feet away. Apparently this guy reserved on-line (how would we have known that) and as luck would have it “we had HIS spot” Not that he couldn’t have picked ANOTHER empty one. To compound things, there was no one at the office when we arrived so we had to do a self-register. Oh well, the joys of travelling. We just smiled and moved EVERYTHING.  Well, Doug smiled, I, not so much. But hey, no fights erupted!! He's just way nicer than I am!! 

We did have internet at the owner's cafĂ© last night. It only allowed me to send one email and no blog post. (She opened for us to do that). It was chilly but at least we had electrical so that helped. I believe the temperature was only 2 degrees Celcius (36 F). A bit chilly but nice and quiet. We managed to finish off a bottle of red wine and a whole crockpot dinner!!
Today, we head for Calistoga CA. It is also about 150 miles away (I know, we don’t like to travel too far if we don’t have to!) It is nearly in wine country so we may end up staying there for a few days. Really, we have NO schedule!! We have just stopped in Willitis, CA at a McDonald's to post this. I will try and continue to post everyday in the evening. That means when an RV site says they "have WIFI", it means it actually works!! I am trying not to buy a Verizon internet stick. Wish me luck...... 

Hope you all had a great New Years Day dinner with those you love (or maybe you don’t really LOVE them, but you just kinda like them and they cook good!!) 

Peace and Out!!


  1. Love the foggy Calif shore....just cannot get enough of it.

    1. Hi Nan - Yes it is amazing, isn't it? Love that drive!!