Friday, 17 January 2014

Fountain Valley AZ to Oro Valley AZ (120 Miles)

Late post-Thursday Jan 16th

Spider!!!!!!!!!!! That is enough to start out your day at the showers!! After packing up today we hit the showers. I  went into the same shower I had used the day before and this beauty was waiting for me on the wall. Needless to say, I let her (or him) have custody of that shower and picked the other one…..


I told Doug that it was probably totally harmless or it could
kill us in our sleep…..comforting!
On our way out of the park, about 3 miles away from the campground, we stopped to see part of the competitive track for biking. This is called a pump track.  I am sure Josh will roll his eyes at my explanation of what this is but essentially, it is for practice going on different grades that you would find on a trail, up down, over the hills and lots of people can do it part way without even pedalling. Pretty cool. Too bad there was no one on it so we could watch.This park is quite well known for it’s competitive track and it’s sport mountain biking trails. There are over 40 miles of track, 13 of which are for racing.

I mentioned yesterday that we were stopping by at Julie’s house in Oracle AZ. She was the nice lady we met in Crescent City on New Years Eve. We had a great visit with her. Such good conversation. She gave us some pointers on Tombstone for visiting which we really appreciated.  She has an amazing house and she lives there with hubby Chris and dogs Mandy (…ladies first!) and Sam. A big shout out to her for following us on our blog and a very special thanks for the snacks. Doug especially LOVED the cookies!! Hope we left a few for you! You just never know who you will meet on this type of adventure. Thanks again Julie for the hospitality!!
After our visit with Julie, we stopped in at the Biosphere2. It was only about 10 minutes from her house. Some of you may remember when 5 or 6 people went to live in the biosphere for 2 years back in the mid-90’s. Well, you can go into the sphere for a guided tour. Pretty cool stuff. I tried to copy some of the info here but otherwise you can Google it. Unfortunately, it was late in the day and we didn’t think we would get that much value for the $20 each admission charge for the 1 hour tour. It is now run by University of Arizona Science Dept. It was previously owned by Columbia University out of New York.


We arrived at Catalina State Park, just north of Tucson, in a little area called Oro Valley, AZ Thursday about 3:30 p.m. It is a beautiful park, complete with excellent washrooms, pretty close near us. That makes me happy and Doug too, especially when I wake him up in the night because “we” have to go to the bathroom in some places!! 
Long shadows of the late afternoon....
You can just see the bathroom building behind the van.

View out our front window....



 View out the side door at happy hour....
Bedroom all made up...

...and just like that, tea was ready too!!

So, tea and fruit cake is ready. Yes, I said fruitcake. My Mom happens to make
the best fruitcake in the world. Doug figures that by the time we finish this loaf
(….which, by the way Mom, is ¾’s gone!) the van will weigh so much less!!
So, from our humble little house on wheels to yours, wish bid you all a warm and comfy Thursday night. Talk to you tomorrow from Tombstone AZ. And remember….we will have WIFI!!! Yes, I am so excited too! It’s another really short drive, about 90 miles again. At this rate we won’t get through this great country until 2016!!!!
Thought for the Day: Knowledge has never been to known to enter the brain through an open mouth…

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