Thursday, 16 January 2014

Fountain Hills-McDowell Mtn Park (Day 3)

Late post Wednesday, January 15th

It was nice to sleep in today and wake up when it was nice and warm outside. It does still get pretty chilly up here in the hills of McDowell Mtn Regional Park.

We love this park. We feel that it is surely desert camping at it’s finest. Super clean bathrooms and the same with the showers. It cost $25 per night (including electricity). It is pinching us a bit cost-wise but we knew that CA and AZ would both be expensive and they have been. The only exception has been a few of the Passport America parks, but they are not available everywhere.
We headed out for a great bike ride in the afternoon. There is a road that continues on past the campground for about 2 miles. It connects the park’s picnic and tenting areas. Nice gentle downward slope (you know what that means for coming back, right??). Really, there are lines on the road but only 2 cars went by us and they are just people who are in the park. Pretty safe ride. Enjoy the pictures:  














 Now that's a nice dinner view!!

Full moon rising!!

We actually tried to stay here for 2 more nights but we would have had to move as someone else has reserved this site starting tomorrow and they could only give us a site for one more night. To take everything down and set it up again for just one night really didn’t seem to our best advantage so we decided it was time to press on. We will be going a whopping 130 miles away to the Catalina State Park, just a bit north and east of Tucson on Hwy 77. Looking forward to the night there.

We do have a nice visit planned in Oracle AZ. We met a really nice lady, Julie (defense attorney) in Crescent City on New Year’s Eve. She was seated at a table next to ours and we were kidding her about the big dessert she ordered and that she should share it with us. (She was actually okay with the idea!!)  Anyway, we got an email from her asking us to stop by her place for a quick visit. Oracle is just up the road from Catalina State Park. Should be really nice to see her again. She has been reading the blog as well so that is a first for us to be invited to someone’s place because they started reading the blog!! Thanks Julie!!
I know I can hear the groan from out there but there is NO internet at the state park on Thursday either, sorry everyone!! Good news is that we are going into Tombstone AZ for Friday and Saturday and the lady at the Stampede RV Park where we are staying  assures me that they have the BEST WIFI in town!! Tombstone is where the famous shoot out at the OK Corral with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday and gangs occurred in the 1880’s. Should be really fun and there is loads of other history too, like mining. Yeehaw pardners!! (…sorry, I couldn’t resist that one!!)
So, enjoy these back to back postings and I will do the next posting on Friday and I will also include Thursday’s state park visit! Until then….
Thought for the day: It's not hard to make decisions once you know what your values are. Roy E. Disney

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