Thursday, 16 January 2014

Barrett Jackson Auction!!

Late Post-Tuesday, January 14th

What she asks? Set the alarm to go to Barrett Jackson?? Sure, absolutely. I think I was almost as excited as Doug to see this huge production up close and first hand. We left the campsite at about 8:30 a.m. and stopped at a McDonalds in Scottsdale for a quick coffee and blog time. See, I didn’t forget about you all. I really hate not doing the blog each night but sometimes we just have to try and get along without an internet stick. We are testing this month so I hope everyone can be patient with us. We will decide at the end of the month if we need to buy one!!

The show and production that is Barrett Jackson did not disappoint. In fact, I figured that within the first 2 hours, we had got our money’s worth out of it. Very interesting and a very smooth running machine. Neither of us could believe the quantity and quality of the cars. We have watched this show on TV for many years and we have been to many car shows but nothing compares to this at all. And we hadn’t even seen the auction yet!!
 So, without further ado, here is our Barrett Jackson day:
I just like to take these so people can see that we actually can get up early!!

No, we did not have tickets for this skybox!!
Even merry-go-rounds for sale!!

Doug's VERY favourite car, No. 1 is this1964 Ford Fairlane 
Car buffs info: 560 HP, 427 CU.IN, Rousch small block, paddle shifted auto trans and lots
of carbon fibre and machined aluminum.....and it's for sale on Saturday!!
Ladies - You still have time to buy it for him!!!

I told you, something for everyone!
Then we talked to a sculpture from Pennsylvania who does these HUGE animals (buffalo weighs thousands of pounds) from welded individual nails!! Check these out. This is just a vendor display, not going up on the block.....


Nancy's moose - Doug would not let me take it with us!!

 If you are a drag racing fan, you will remember these two names. The biggest rivals. Now these restored race cars and hauling trucks are selling for a whole package! Who's in????



Yup, no surprise this was a Beglaw favourite!!

Huge, huge, huge!!!


A man and his bus!!!

Another of Doug's favourites...

And another great 2 on his list....

Colour and shine everywhere.... 

This picture is for Duane. We know how you loved your Cougars!!


Doug says that this is his No. 3 fav.....
1957 Buick Century convertible


The start is pretty amazing. All the bidder assistants come on stage first.....



Nancy's choice....1968 Cortez Motorhome....sweet!!!

...and Nancy's ALL time favourite!!
Barrett Jackson's favourite sign of all.....
So a super great day for us. We hope you enjoyed the post, especially if you are a car buff. Now, onto my next post. Coming right up!! 
From our hearts to yours!!
Thought for the day: To live a creative life, we must lose the fear of being wrong.   J.C. Pearce

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