Friday, 31 January 2014

Carlsbad NM to Junction TX (334 Miles)

Late post from Thursday

If it’s Thursday, it must be TEXAS!!! Yes, we crossed the Texas State line at 9:45 am Thursday. Not sure why it seemed so exciting for us, but it was. We left Carlsbad at 9:10 am via Hwy 285 which is a 2 lane, good road and takes you past all kinds of oil rigs, pump jacks and oil field hauling trucks. I have never seen so many white pick-up trucks in my life. If you need a white pick-up truck, come to Texas, you will surely find one here!!



If you click on this picture, you can see
the huge line-up of trucks...

It was super windy and Doug tried to capture that on camera although it is hard. It darn near blew us off the road at times. But what was amazing was the dust that churned up.


Once we got to Fort Stockton, we turned onto Interstate 10. This is the very same highway that you take all across Arizona, New Mexico, etc. I believe it will take you all across the Southern US. It is a four lane divided highway and is very busy with trucks , cars & RV’s of every shape and form. The speed limit is 80 mph. Since we only travel at 60-65 mph, it seems like those big trucks and all the cars really go sailing past. Embarrassingly enough, we were passed by 4 Prius cars – hybrids, every one of them, even one in the rest area-YIKES!! Anyway, it was a great quality roadway for sure. At least down here, there was pleasant scenery to look at, unlike coming down the Hwy 285, but it was still super windy! One thing we did notice though is the number of dead deer and skunks on the highway. Not sure why so many skunks. As for the deer, well unfortunately for them, this is hunting territory. Guess they either have to learn to dodge a car or a bullet!!
 I know, another one like in the caverns!!
Beautiful highways
Pretty speedy!!
There were about 8-10 trucks like this all hauling what looked like pieces of a bridge structure. Super long with a “tag-along” rear axel and pilot cars in the front and rear.
Pretty cool for this girl from the transportation world!!
Doug had researched out a great park, just south of Junction TX, just off Interstate 10. We are about 100 miles north of San Antonio. The park itself is about 7 miles off the interstate. It is called South Llano River State Park. There are great sites, all with water and electric but no sewer. They are a little pricey at $20 per night plus $4 per person usage fee so that’s $28 altogether. Also, there is no cell coverage and certainly no internet. That is why this is posted a day late, as you may have noticed!!


Then, the greatest thing we have encountered, animal wise… armadillo!! We have never seen one before and we were super excited!! They are so cute! We watched him for quite a while. They are quite busy little fellows, burrowing in amongst the leaves and prickly shrubs. Were we ever entertained! Also, the cute little bunny, who sat still as stone, waiting for us to pass. There was a little fawn in one of the campsites when we arrived too. 


Don't look into the camera!!!



Cool little shack for watching those wild turkeys and other birds!! 


Road in park....



Tip-toeing across our mat!!
We are leaving here Friday morning and continuing south to the Corpus Christy area and, hopefully, some much sought after warmth and sun. We aren’t sure where exactly we will stay. We will let you know when we know. Our goal is, hopefully, to find a nice spot where we can stay for a week. Doug has researched a few of the spots down there and some look really promising – here’s hoping!!
Again, don’t worry if we are off-line for a day. You know how we always try for the places with internet! Until then….talk to you when we are on the Gulf of Mexico!!

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