Friday, 3 January 2014

Calistoga CA (Day 2)

Well, that was another chilly night. We are generally (almost always) the last to wake up at anyplace we've been and today was no exception. It got down to about 3-4 C (36-38 F) so we had to turn the little heater on again in the night. Wow, southern California....but, once the sun comes up for a bit, it's a beautiful day here. It reached a high of about 22 C (74 F) again so that feels pretty warm for us.

We headed out today on the bikes for a nice, easy bike route ride. It was probably about 4 miles and was pretty easy, totally flat but totally enjoyable. Check out the wine country we are in:

What happened to that tan from last year?!!

More crazy moss hanging from the trees....


The first place we rode to was Sterling Vineyards. Very nice looking, even had a gondola that took you up to their tasting & wine tour area....for $38 EACH!!! We chose to enjoy it by riding our bikes around the parking lot and gardens. Not sure why it has to cost so much, but hey, it's California and everyone loves wine country!!




Entrance to one of the underground storage facilities on the property.


....and the way out of the caverns.



We love wineries but neither of us feels that we need to do another tour. Let's face it, all wine is pretty much made the same way. Grow the grapes, pick the grapes, bring them to the plant, mash them up somehow( feet work) Put them in the tanks. Strain them a few times, bottle them and!! Also, we don't fancy paying such a steep price to go into see same. But, I love the smell when you are walking around the buildings. We went into another one and they actually charge $20 each for a tasting. Bit too high for us. Again, we just enjoyed ourselves cruising around on the bikes....
This is for my brother, Mark, who is a forester. Now, this is a pine cone!!
One of the many benefits of travelling like this is that you meet some of the most interesting people. Today, we met David & Chris. They are from Teignmouth, in the English county of Devon. They have travelled extensively all over the world are told us some great stories. We really enjoyed our time with them and the shared glasses of wine. They are heading for a flight to Rarotonga to spend a few weeks and then onto New Zealand. They are coming back to Canada to see their daughter in Squamish and are planning on spending some time on the island, briefly. Hope to meet up with them. Safe travels, you two!!
We were going to spend more time on this great California coast but the camping is proving to be just too expensive. Chris & David mentioned that they stayed in a park, not far from here that cost $70 PER NIGHT!!!! Yikes. We have decided to head inland to Tulare and bypass the rest of the coast altogether. We have done it twice now. We are a little worried about what the weather is bringing as well. Doug has researched and seems that everywhere on our radar right now is hovering around the freezing mark in the evening. Not fun in our little van. We figure on stopping in Tulare (267 miles via the CA-99S and then the Golden State Hwy). I think we go over the Oakland/Richmond bridge again. We did that before and it's pretty impressive....This puts us at a little overnighter RV spot and then we will be moving onto an area known as the Salton Sea or Thermal, CA.  We'll see after that. Guess you will have to stay tuned!!
Well, that's it for us. Time for tea. Hey, maybe we need to start up those Scrabble tournaments again! What do you think??
Thought for the Day: What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?


  1. You look pretty good on the bikes. That is pretty steep for a wine tour especially when you have done it before. We are 40 C today and trying to keep cool. I remember driving through the Salton Sea. Amazing. Lots of love.

    1. Either it's a steep cost or we are just cheap!! Hope you have fun "down under"