Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Bizbee AZ to Radium Springs (Las Cruces NM (255 Miles)

Okay, good thing I am a fast typer!! I have exactly 20 minutes of battery power before I run out!!  We are sitting at the visitor centre at Leasburg Dam State Park, just about 15 miles north of Las Cruces. Super great to be here instead of the slightly long in the tooth, city parks that were in Las Cruces!!

We left Bizbee this morning and had a great drive. It is a l-o-n-g drive across this area. Pretty flat (although you are high in elevation, which accounts for all the freezing cold nights!)

Euri ready to roll!!

Other side of the damn...

Really long valley!!

Yea!! We made it into New Mexico!!!
Another state welcomes us! We like this flag!!
(It's the 5th state on the tour, in case you are counting!!)

Pretty much looks like Arizona!!




Somewhere between here and there!!

Okay, so Arizona had it's snakes too and so does New Mexico!!
This is at the visitor centre on the highway.....




Coming down the hill into Las Cruces....

 Pretty impressive! Each site has it's own covered picnic table and fire pit.
We also have electricity, all for $14 per night - pretty sweet!! 


 Little gulch right behind us.




We are pretty stoked!! There was just one more site with electrical available for the next two nights so we took it! We will do more photos on a bike ride tomorrow.  However, we are planning on driving into town to see old town Las Cruces and Mesilla. Supposed to be very interesting.
Then we will do a late afternoon lunch/dinner to celebrate DOUG'S BIRTHDAY!!!! Yup,  he gets to celebrate high in the New Mexico desert with just little old me!! Looking forward to our day together, as always!!
Thought for the Day:  Road trips aren't measured by mile markers but by moments!! 


  1. Happy birthday Doug! Have a great day. Reading the updates as they become available and loving it!

    Cheers, from cold and foggy Langley, BC.

    1. Thanks for the kind wishes Peter! We should look you up when we get back to the Lower Mainland!

  2. Happy Birthday! To the old fella.
    Tumbleweeds and rattle snakes. Must make Doug fell like a kid again even if he is celebrating his $^%#$^ year. Happy trails.
    Dale and Sue

    1. Thanks Dale. He certainly acts like a little kid, that's for sure!!