Monday, 4 November 2013


So, life is pretty quiet here. We wake up to the grey skies of fall and think....hmmm. But then the next day you wake up to glorious blue skies and you figure, "this is pretty nice, cool but nice!!"

So, the other day we posted, on Craigslist, our Yakima bike rack for sale. It is pretty neat. It tilts down when the bikes are attached to allow access to the back door of the van. We like it but Doug has his eye on something else, slightly different in the way it holds the bikes. We have had our bikes on this particular type of rack for over 30,000 kms and he thinks we have another option he would like to pursue.

This is where the "really?" part comes in. We have had upwards of 10 rude, lewd, perverted emails in response to our ad, all due to the fact that we posted it as it's manufactured name......

Yakima  __ouble  __own 2 Bike Rack.
Both the above words have "D"s in them...
But, I cannot and will not put them there because the freakin' perverts will get a hold of this blog address as well......Now, I suppose I am pretty old-school. I mean, I would NEVER have thought that people would have thought of something not nice, in a personal sort of way, about that description of a bike rack. After all, it is what it said on the box. Pretty funny but also pretty sad that people are so twisted and weird that you now have to really think about all possible interpretations of a product before you advertise it for sale. They make me really disappoints me. I just want to yell..."GET A LIFE"..... 
Please don't refer to the above in a reply. Otherwise they will find it on the blog. Thanks! Here is the bike rack, in case anyone local to the Vancouver Island area or Vancouver is interested.


I guess this can best be described as the "down" part.
The bikes can actually stay attached if you need access to the back of the van.
Also, we are selling our barely used "Add-A-Room". This was my idea to get and I do not like it for our purpose. It comes in two small bags. The smaller bag is actually the fly screen room. Worked amazingly well this summer when we were bombarded with bees in Clearwater (see North Thompson Provincial Park, Days 2 and 3) and you can see it in operation - this is posted around Sept 6th.There are different options out there. When we were in Mexico and had the van painted, we had them remove the awning. (Guess I made a mistake when I asked for the old one to be taken off but it was a bit of a wrestling match getting it set up and it is a 2-person job for sure). Check out Shady Boy. We are going to order one of those before we leave this winter and install it (...poor Doug).  

Nicely packaged. You can actually check this out if you google Archaus.
Someone (not us) has done a video on it. It is about a 10-12 minute set up and acts as a porch to your vehicle. Can even be used beside a car.....

Well, thanks for listening to my rant!! Hope you can also help me sell these things!! We are heading over to the mainland on Wednesday (you know what that means.....G-U-S time!!). I am also looking forward to copying some of Josh & Kathy's Mexico pictures so I can show you what a great time they had too! We will be over on that side until about November 24th as we are house-sitting for some friends. Should be a great time!!
Cheers friends!!

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  1. I'm not mentioning anything about the blog today except to say I love you guys and hope you're continuing to have fun.... Life is too short for those icky people! Visiting Gus will be a real upper. Too bad he can't talk. I bet he'd have some fun stories to tell about his first Mexico vacation.