Thursday, 14 November 2013

Life in New Westminster

We had a great time at Josh & Kathy's. On Tuesday, we took Gus out to my old office for a visit. Super fun to see nearly everyone (sorry we missed you, Lexi!!). After that it was off to a coffee at Starbucks then a haircut. He was an exceptionally well behaved little guy and pretty much stole the show everywhere he went.

Someone is getting measured...he grows like a bad weed!! Josh & Kathy mark
his growth on the trim around the door to his room. I told them they will
have to pull it off and replace it when they move!!

Walking practice.....


I am expecting a call, any day now, to say he can really do it on his own!!!
We headed over to Bob & Danna's in New Westminster on Wednesday. They are off to their cruise with their kids (hey, there's a theme this year....) out of Florida. I am sure they will have an amazing time together!! With that, it's our duty now to house and dog sit.It's not hard to house and dog sit for friends. We have known our charge, Maggie the Schnauzer, for about 7 or 8 years. She's a good girl and we have enjoyed her company!
Their condo is right on the busy Fraser River. I have blogged about this before but it never
gets old for us, being here.
View to the left....
and to the right....

And here is our charge, Maggie!!
More updates as more fun comes along!
Cheers friends!!


  1. What a nice place to have a condo. Great views.

    1. Thanks Nan - Yes, they are very lucky to live in such a great place!!

  2. Too cute that little bundle of joy. Hey, Nancy, interesting tidbit: There was a Stanford University program (not sure if it's still in existence) that worked with children and adults who had trouble READING. It consisted of "crawling classes." Yup, people were encouraged to crawl around on the floor for the entire time of the class and later at home. It seems that in neuro- development, the longer a baby spends in the developmental phase of 'crawling' the better s/he can READ later in life!!!! So tell them not to unduly hurry Gus!!! PS: We had friends who sent their college-aged son to the course one summer; his reading skill went from 3rd grade level to 12th grade level in 6 weeks! That's how I found out about it; then became reacquainted with the principle when I worked with a large children's program late in my nursing career.

    1. Wow, that is pretty interesting! Gus has been crawling for about 2 months now - he is quite the speedy expert! He now takes little steps (while hanging on to something with one hand) between table and couch. Won't be long!!