Thursday, 7 November 2013

Happy Birthday to Cindy!!

Well, time has come, once again, to wish someone in our lives a happy birthday. Our dear friend Cindy Ewing!! We have known Bruce and Cindy for 25 years. (Remember Mexico Bruce & Cindy from March 1st of this year in Bucerias?) Although we spent a few years apart, raising kids and working, it has been an amazing journey over the past few years to rediscover their friendship. We consider ourselves so lucky that they are in our lives.

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Cindy, our dear, dear friend!! 

...she's the cute one on the right!!
Just a little reminder of the many, many bottles
of wine that we have shared over the years!!
So, we are over on the mainland for the next few weeks. As always, one of our first stops is at Gus' place!! We could hardly wait for our Gus fix, after several weeks apart. They all had a blast in Mexico and Gus was, as predicted, the hit of the party!! He had many loving hands to keep him busy with Kathy's great family all there. I am sure there was never a dull moment!! I will try and steal a few pictures of the holiday for the next post, but here are just a few from last night.....
 Always something about Grandma's camera case!

You callin' my name Grandma?? I got bathing to do!!

We will be on the "mainland" for the next two weeks. We have a house/dog sitting gig at Bob & Danna's so we are looking forward to living the "high-life" on the New Westminster Key. Stay tuned for those great pictures. They live right on the river!!
Doug is in Alberta with his brother, Don. They are visiting his Mom, brother Duane & wife Agnes and sister Diane and hubby Brian. They will have fun until Sunday and then they fly home to B.C.
Monday we will be at the Cenotaph in Cloverdale-Surrey, honouring our dedicated veterans from all the wars. We really hope everyone remembers their sacrifices and takes time to stop what they are doing and bow their heads on 11-11 at 11:00 a.m. It isn't much to ask folks!!
Cheers folks!!


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  2. OMG, Gus gets more handsome every blog post! What a lady killer he's going to be. Great photos once again, friend.