Sunday, 17 November 2013

Happy Birthday and Pancakes

See what I mean about this being THE birthday month!! We have more birthday wishes for our great friend, Al Unrau. You may remember that Al & wife Colleen travelled to Mexico with us last year.

Mexico Al, we hope you have had a great day! We are sure that it has included just a wee shot or two of tequila!! So, without further ado....

We had a great day today. Josh, Kathy & Gus were here for a pancake brunch. We hope that Maggie didn't mind sharing the space with a busy little boy!! She is a very kind and gentle little dog and seemed to be as curious about Gus as he was about her!
"Whoa, who said you could hang out on MY blanket??"

I WILL share the blanket, but not my toy

I'll just watch from over here....

Brunch is served. No, we do not know what Gus is reaching for!!
 Alright, even a big guy needs a nap...

 Now that I'm up...who is THIS handsome guy??
Hey Grandma, look at the camera!!

 Time for a hug...(always)

 From Gus & Grandma.....we hope you all have a great day, we did!!
Goodness, I LOVE spending my day with this little guy.
Cheers friends!!


  1. Adorable. In who's home are you? It looks beautiful.

    1. We are dog sitting at our friends, Bob & Danna's in New Westminster (a suburb of Vancouver). They came to Mexico when we were at Hacienda Contreras but I think it was after you left. They are currently on a cruise with their kids in the Caribbean.