Friday, 22 November 2013

Belated Birthday catch-up time

Birthday wishes. They are so important in our world, aren't they? I mean, just a simple thing really, but everyone likes them. Well, it seems that I have been remiss in updating my calendar and I have missed a number of VERY important ones....and in my own family!!!!

To be fair, I started the white board and virtual birthday wishes because we were away for a good portion of the year, so it was, and continues to be, a work in progress. Lots of fun, but still, a work in progress! I didn't always do the white board/blog wishes at the beginning but I kinda morphed it into something bigger than first imagined!! Some people got "real" birthday wishes and cards in person when we were in town but no blog wishes (sorry)!! To really wonder about my loyalties, even Doug and my daughter-in-law, Kathy, did not get a white board wishes in January as we were in town!!!

The Beatty family. They are Kathy's (our daughter-in-law) family, so they are our family. We look forward to seeing them whenever we come into "town". I have missed a BUNCH of them on the blog.  I won't make any sap sorry excuses for myself (....right, Dayle?). I could have just said one big, collective, belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you all, and try and do MUCH better next year but, hey, I will try and be better than that here.

So, I thought about what I would have said, if I had been on the ball enough to get them all done in proper order!! In chronological order, here they are!

January 1st
You were the first and yes, I know....I suck!!
 January 12th
We actually were in town and gave her a "real" card. I imagine that my
daughter-in-law will eventually forgive me for not actually having it ON the blog!!
I guess I didn't have it all together after being wowed with our adorable Gus!!
March 27th 
Ted is Josh's great friend and brother-in-law and
his birthday is 2 days before Josh's!! I could never forget that!!
 April 15th
Thanks Meagan - you are still patient with me!!
(Don't listen to anything Ted says about me.....okay?)
May 26th
I just think you are a joyous, fantastic, wonderful person.....
who does NOT have an "H" at the end of your name!!

September 28th
Thanks, Mel  for feeding us homeless people when we are here!!
You always make "mi casa su casa" and we always feel welcome!!
November 8th 
You know I LOVE you Dayle, right??
I think it will take years to get back in your good graces,
especially after the Facebook fiasco!
So that's that. I do apologize. Of course, I know Kathy's birthday is January 12th. She is our awesome daughter-in-law and I would NEVER forget hers but we were in town and she got the "real" card!! Kathy's dad Rick, has his birthday the day before mine so there's NO forgetting that one!!  I actually did acknowledge his on the blog in June.
I am going to go and stand in the corner for the rest of the day now. Next year is coming, I will TRY and do better!!
Cheers friends!!
(at least you who are still are my friends......)

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