Monday, 28 October 2013

Nanaimo update

After that amazing trip with my family, we are laying low here in Nanaimo. Raking leaves, doing a campfire, trying to get used to the cooler weather and trying to do some planning.....but mostly I am missing my little guy! 
Gus is currently in Nuevo Vallarta on his first Mexican vacation!! Of course, Josh & Kathy are there too, along with her whole family. We are super excited for them and can't wait to get some pictures of everyone. Of course, we will pass those on to you as soon as we get them! I really think there should be a "Gus-cam", don't you??
For now, here are a few recent pictures: 
This one cracks me up. Before their holiday, Josh & Kathy took him out
to get a life jacket. Can you see him starting to hold his breath?
Must be from all those swimming lessons. Pretty cute anyway!!
What more can I say! I know, top shelf kinda guy, isn't he??
This is on the plane to Mexico. When you have to get up at 4:00 a.m.,
this is how a guy feels at 10:00 a.m. on the plane!! 
My sister, Julie sent this over to me...ha ha ha!!
No, it isn't Gus, but it could be!!
Cheers friends!! 


  1. When I get in that 'chastising myself,' frame of mind, all I need to do is take a look at my kids and grandkids to realize that I'm really pretty smart. Just take a look at that little guy, Nancy and Doug. You guys must have IQs of 170!!!!!
    I love the life jacket model and hope they do let him experience the water without the life jacket too. Babies are usually very natural swimmers. When Jeff was a baby (#1) I was concerned because he could swim, but couldn't walk at 13 months. So, I went out and bought him a pair of Buster Brown's - really expensive for our budget; we stopped at the swimming pool where his daddy worked to show off his new shoes. As John and talked, probably about the price(!), Jeff walked right off to the pool and walked in. By the time I got there he had turned himself around and was laughing while holding on the gutter rail that he'd gotten to on his own!

    1. Oh, Gus has been in several sets of swimming lessons already. He is quite proficient at going underwater as well. They bought this for boating activities in the summer, not just for Mexico. They teach even the babies that, immediately upon entering the water, they are to turn around and reach for the edge. He already knows how to do this - Mr. Smarty-Pants!!