Thursday, 3 October 2013

Cruise-Oct 3rd

It is hard to believe that we have already spent a whole week on the “ship”. I continually call it the “boat” and I am continually corrected!

I have managed to get more sunburned in 7 days than I ever got in 4 months spent in Mexico this year! It must have something to do with just sitting around a pool and enjoying the family banter and the nice drinks!! I am not sure that a person should spend too much time in this lifestyle! What amazes me is how quickly you get used to the rocking motion of the boat. The first day, it was a bit weird, especially since we had seas with 10 foot swells. But right now, it has been very calm seas. Apparently, it could change a bit closer to Nicaragua. We’ll see!!
Tues, Oct 1st  We awoke to the breath-taking sight of “Lands End” right off our deck and such a sight it is!! Doug and I found it really fun to be able to visit this port again. We were here in 2012 on our VW Westfalia trip with Euri! Today, we headed in to Cabo San Lucas via tender and spent a very enjoyable 4 hours roaming around in the marina area. Susann had signed up for a beach horseback ride so she was up early and gone before we had breakfast. I will enjoy hearing how that went for her later!  Everyone else was in town on terra firma. 
This afternoon, we have pulled out of Cabo and are now heading south for San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. We will not reach that port for 3 more days. Just to the south and west of the Cabo marina is a place called “Lands End”. It is called this for two reasons. First, it is the southern-most tip of the Baja and also, as the crow flies, if you followed a line south from here, you would not reach land again until you reached the South Pole. Just amazing…….
Wed, Oct 2nd  It is interesting to have a full day at sea. There is always lots to do on board but it is really strange NOT to see land!! Last night there was an amazing thunderstorm on land, which was about 40 miles away. Pretty cool to see!

Way to hard to upload pictures. I will try again when we are closer to land but 40 miles out at sea it is pretty useless!! I am lucky to get the words out to you all!! Don't worry....I will catch up some good pictures as soon as I can!!

Cheers friends!!
P.S. - I am missing my kids and especially my little Gus!!!!!


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  1. What a wonderful experience you're all having. And, it's always a reminder of how much we love our families and friends when we have that "missing" feeling. Have oodles of fun. mary-pat