Friday, 18 October 2013

Cruise - Nicaragua (Oct 5th)

Wow, another morning of waking up to a port in the early dawn hours. So cool!! This cruise ship must look so huge to those on shore!! We are seeing clouds but not to worry, it is still about 30 degrees Celsius  (that's about 90 degrees F) Maybe we will finally get to experience tropical rain!!



Tender in the harbour...

Roy takes us up to their place....(no, it wasn't all paved!!)
 The main palapa area.

Roy & Karen have done an amazing job on the cabanas.


 Each one has a bathroom in it!!





One customer they had said her mom used to call happy hour
the "elegant time of the day....ETOTD" We liked that!!

Driveway up to the main house....

Main house and the roof of the main palapa building...

Driveway back down to the road....



After lots of visiting and lots of interesting information from Karen and Roy, it was off to a few of the local beaches. Each one was not more than 5 to 10 minutes away from their place. I think you could almost walk to them but it would take a while.
Great lunch spot. Apparently, up this river coming into the beach, there is a crocodile.
We didn't see him, too bad!! But we did have a feed of amazing lobster tacos!!


 Carmen, Mom and I!!



After lunch, we headed out to the surfing beach. There were certainly lots of people there trying their hands at surfing!!

 A small surfers hotel...

Too soon, it was time to go and leave. Roy took us into town and we stopped for one more quick drink at a local bar on the beach. See that HUGE ship in the harbour?? 



 Martin, Julie, Doug, Mom, Roy & Carmen
Thanks SO much to Roy & Karen!!

 A little blurry but we are just leaving San Juan del Sur....

Susann & Mom...

Julie, Nancy, Susann & Carmen
That was a great, great day. Roy & Karen took so much time to show off their little bit of paradise. They have an excellent eco-resort and it is very beautiful, as you can see. Check out their website at:

See you all in Puntarenas, Costa Rica on Sunday, Oct 6th!! (...Oh, by the way, we did finally get to experience that warm, tropical rain and it was wonderful!!)
Cheers friends!!


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  1. I'm reading from newest back. This looks wonderful too. I've not visited Nicaragua - yet! Someday.