Saturday, 19 October 2013

Cruise - At Sea (Oct 11 & 12)

Well, that was an action packed few days, huh? We loved every minute of it and now, all too soon, we will be back on dry land again. For now, we will enjoy the next few days at sea as we work our way back to Fort Lauderdale and home.

We spent the last few days getting packed up and going for walks around the ship, spending a bit of time in the pools and getting used to the idea that there would be no one at home to cut up the fruit and veggies for us!! (...and no one to make up the bed and put out chocolates for us either!!) 

 One last sunset picture, at sea...

One last Baked Alaska for dessert!!
A Princess Cruises tradition on the last day of the cruise!!

...and one last big gathering!!

Doug, Anastasia (from Russia), Mark & Martin...
She was not our waiter but I think she wanted to be as we were the noisy, crazy table!!
Our little home away from home!!
There is a couch beside me and the deck is behind me...
We awoke to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, Oct 13th in the early morning. It is one of the world's busiest cruise ship terminals. There was this Carnival ship in front of us and the one you can just see, peaking out from our front is the "Allure of the Seas". Wow, three of us, in all at once!!

 No, we did not come in under that bridge!!

What a place to call home - right across from these huge ships!!!
We were scheduled to get off the boat about 9:30 a.m. There was a slow down in the US government which meant that there weren't enough customs agents on duty to check in 3 cruise ships of people. I imagine that would be about 6,000 people all coming in, pretty much at the same time!!
This day, we headed off to the hotel for an overnight stop and then it was two flights and we were all safe and sound back in Vancouver (...well, 2 flights for most of us, except for Mark and Carmen. They had one more flight back to Vernon!!). 
All the air travel went off without a hitch,. Everything was on time and all the baggage arrived with us - imagine!!! Mom and her travel agent, Tina, at CruiseShip Centre in North Vancouver did an amazing job arranging everything.
I know I can speak for all the family when I say it was an amazing experience. Everything was fabulous and we had the most wonderful time......"Thanks Mom"!!!!! 
In a word, it was all P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!!
Cheers friends!!

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