Sunday, 20 October 2013

Cruise - At sea (Late from Sept 29 & 30)

Sorry, just found lots of pictures from some of our early at sea days. The blog does not allow me to insert a blog post in between other posts, once they are done. Anyway, wanted to share these pictures too!! These were fun days, just spent lazing around the pool.  You can really tell this is early in the cruise as we are not very tanned!! In fact, this is when I got sun burned. Silly me. All those months in Mexico and I never burnt, just sit me by a pool and see what happens!!

Also, this was our first formal dining evening. Fun to dress up!!

September 29th:

Nancy, Carmen & Susann

The group's "area"

Slather him up!!

Julie, Mom and Nancy

Lacey and Grandma

Doug and his synchronized swimming team!! (Susann and Carmen)
Carmen, Nancy, Lacey & Doug...

After all the pool time, it was time for dress-up. It is a Princess tradition that all these wine glasses get stacked up in a pyramid and the captain pours champagne in the top one and it runs down and fills them all up. Only problem was our Capt. Binetti actually knocked the top few down. Miraculously, it did not take the whole stack out!! That would have really been something!!

You can just make out the Capt. pouring.
Hope he drives the ship better than he pours!!
Thanks to my dear friend, Danna, for making me this beautiful dress!!
Martin, Julie, Mark, Lacey & Mom

Mom, Carmen, Julie, Lacey, Nancy & Susann
September 30th:

And so we carried on with more pool days!!

Julie, Melissa & Susann.
Melissa never let those drinks run dry!!

Gotta have your orange/fruit juice first thing in the morning, right ladies??

Susann explains the rules of the "area"
Carmen takes pictures so she won't forget!!

Doug and Mark toast that they understand!!

Volleyball time!!

Cruise Director Matt trying, again, to explain the rules!!

Nice form, Carmen!!
(No, I cannot explain that lady's bathing suit behind us....)

I have no form, I just chucked the ball back!!!
In fact, I was in 7 feet of water here-luckily I even survived!!!
 The team!!
Oh my gosh....from volleyball to shuffleboard. I can hardly keep up with this type of activity level!!!!

Julie, Martin, Mark, Carmen, Nancy & Doug

...and the sun sets on another great day at sea!!
So again, my apologies for this being out of order but you can see by the number of pictures and the amount of fun that I couldn't leave them out!! Just imagine that these all took place BEFORE we got to Cabo. In fact, we arrived in Cabo the next morning after these!!
Hey, I never said that following my blog would be easy, did I???
Cheers friends!!


  1. Glad you included these pics too. You guys had such a fantastic time. You definitely won't ever forget this little trip!!! Thanks MOM, right?

  2. Oh my gosh - you got that right. We were all so excited to go but I wish you could have seen my Mom's face for the 18 days...she smiled a huge smile the whole time. It was a dream of hers to take us all!! I am amazed that we didn't wear her out but she is an awesome lady and has fantastic stamina!!