Friday, 18 October 2013

Cruise - At Sea (Oct 7th)

No land in sight today. We are cruising, slowly making our way to the Panama Canal. We still managed to keep ourselves busy, all over the boat, the mostly at the poolside!! Most days we cruised about 25-40 miles from shore - yikes!! At one point, the stats on the television showed that we had gone over a trench that was 12,000 feet deep!!! Can't touch down there!!


Lacey and Grandma....

Mark and Carmen
On a cruise of this length there were 3 "formal" nights. It was fun to dress up! You don't have to go and dress up but it is really nice to see everyone all spiffy!! This particular night, we chose not to go to our regular dining room but instead, made reservations in the Bayou CafĂ©. It was a great "Louisiana style" steak and lobster house....yum!!
  The girls all spiffed up for dinner!!

Mark, Martin, Mom and Doug....
Well, that was our at sea day. We generally just hang around. This much relaxing is stressful, you know!!
Cheers friends!!

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