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Cruise - Aruba (Oct 10th)

Aruba was a different arrival time for us. Instead of arriving at a port in the wee hours of the morning, we pulled into port about 1:00 p.m. That was nice because we could "see it coming". Oh my gosh, the blue water!! We have never been on the Caribbean side of the continent before so it just amazed us. This island is only 20 miles long.

None of us booked any "official" excursions. What we decided to do was to hire 2 van cabs so all 9 of us could go "together". There wasn't a cab big enough to hold all of us. We had two great guys and they drove us all over the island to all the spots that were important...



For a tiny island, they have a pretty big dock!!
They have a huge cruise ship industry....

Ayo and Casibari Rock Formations. Arawak Indians would visit these rocks
in order to hear incoming thunderstorms and to draw on the rocks.




Vantage point from high up on the rock formations....

Sisters....Julie, Carmen, Susann and Nancy 




Grandma, Lacey & Susann, rest in the shade at the rock formations.... 

Nice, tidy little neighbourhood...

Church is closed to visitors and is only open for services. The tourists kept
showing up in bathing suits, no shoes and no shirts so the priest said...."Nope"

I thought it was funny that this sign was right across the street from the church!!

California Lighthouse. It was named for a steamship that
sunk off the coast. The lighthouse was built in 1910

I know, I just had to do it!!!




View of the north side of the island. No swimming here.
The tides and currents are too strong!
After our tour, the drivers took us to one of the best beaches. They arranged for the restaurant folks to give us a table and let us use the beach. We had such a great time, all of us together!!! WE all agreed that we loved this particular beach. You could put up the flags at your beach chairs and they come with your drink order!!


 Caribbean Sea foot shots!!


Bathing beauties...Julie, Carmen & Susann
The water was like bath water, about 26 degrees Celsius (84 degrees F)
"You know who" is never far from our minds..... 


Back we are at the little downtown core....super cute!!

Back at dock, safe and sound...
So, that evening we went to one of the shows on board. Actually, it was the second time we had watched this "Mentalist" Brent Webb. Apparently he has performed at the White House for 2 Presidents and on the Las Vegas strip. He is pretty amazing. Mark and Carmen ended up on stage and he did some very amazing things. Carmen ended up drawing a picture of a house, which he already knew she would draw. Go figure. Mark did a bit of card game guessing. We all agreed that if it hadn't have happened to us we wouldn't have believed it!!
After he was done with them on the stage he sat and, I guess, and "read" our minds in the theatre. Earlier in the evening he asked us each to write down 4 or 5 important things in our lives. We had to fold up the papers and then drop them in a big bowl. There were hundreds of people in that theatre and therefore hundreds of little folded pieces of paper in that bowl. He never touched the bowl, at all. He never came anywhere near it. He said if I call out something, a name, that means anything to you, stand up. For a moment, he had his hand over his eyes. The first thing he said was....."GUS". Nope, I am not kidding. I had goose bumps on my arms as I stood up. Not one other person stood up at that name and what would the odds be that he just "guessed" at that name. I AM a believer that's for sure.
Anyway, here are a few fun shots of Mark & Carmen, up on stage..... 

Mr. Doubting Tamas.....


Carmen, busy drawing!!!
Aruba was our last official port. I think it was one of my favourites. I think this was because it was the only port that we all went together for an excursion. We all had a wonderful day. I am sure the memories will be with us for a long, long time!! We can't thank our drivers, Rich and Albert enough for giving us a little glimpse of their Aruba.
Next up is 2 sea days and then Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Cheers friends!!

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